2018 World Junior USA
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2018 World Junior Lacrosse Championships – USA Roster

The 2018 World Junior Lacrosse Championships are just around the corner, so it’s time to take a good look at the USA, Canada, and Iroquois rosters. There is a ton of young talent on these teams, it comes from all over the North American continent, and it’s going to lead to some really fun and impressive lacrosse.

The US might be a big underdog heading into these games, but every year things change a little bit, and some years they change a lot. Is 2018 the year where the USA really shows off what it can, and what’s coming down the line? Let’s see what Team USA is working with here!

2018 World Junior USA Coaches

Randy Fraser is the head coach of this team, and he’s as qualified as anyone to lead this group. He runs box leagues, has been (and is!) a head box and field coach on numerous occasions at the highest levels, and played years and years of pro ball before coaching for some of the same teams he played for. He knows the game inside and out, teaches the game the right way, and Fraser should have this team ready to roll. It’s exciting to see him at the helm of this group of young box fanatics.

Fraser will be joined by Aime Caines, Ginny Capicchioni, and Ryan Wheeler, all serving as assistants. All three of these stellar coaches know the game inside and out, and can add valuable focus to different aspects of the game like goaltending, offense, transition and power play, and more, but they also all possess a long history of teaching the box game the right way to American kids who want to learn. This is a great group, and it will help this team get better as each minute passes. It makes me even more excited to see this team gel.2018 World Juniors Lacrosse USA Roster

Now, without further delay, here is what you came to see!

2018  USA World Junior Lacrosse Roster

# – Position – Name – Hand – Hometown – Junior Team and/or College

2 – D – Nolan Enneguess – Right – Falmouth, MA – Stony Brook Univ.
3  – F – Colby Lensing  – Left – Aurora, CO – Stoneflies (CCBLL)
4 – T – Brian Wiles – Left – Longmeadow, MA
6 – F – Michael Guerin – Left – East Longmeadow, MA –  UNC
8 – F – Camden Smith – Right – West Springfield, MA
9 – D – Maximillian Nelson – Right – Hudson, WI
11 – F – Nicholas Genova – Right –  Eastchester, NY – Adelphi Univ.
12 – F – Kristopher Campbell – Left – Longmeadow, MA – Bentley Univ.
13 – F – Kyle Worsley – Left – Mt. Airy, MD – Onondaga CC
15 – T – Cameron Wilt – Right – Aurora, CO – Cold Miners (CCBLL)
16 – T – Drew Heisler – Right – Corcoran, MN
18 – D – Anthony Tanzi – Right – Rockland, MA
19 – G – Josiah LaForme – Right – Gowanda, NY – Seneca WarChiefs (FNJBLL)
21 – T – Ferris Berg – Right – Long Valley, NJ
22 – D – Cameron Egan – Left – Waltham, MA – Bentley Univ.
23 – T – Daniel Hewitt – Left – Ardsley, NY
30 – G – Darius Miller – Right – Aurora, CO – Gold Miners (CCBLL)
31 – G – Cam Pilon – Right –  Deep River, CT
33 – F – Egan Mills – Right – Buffalo, NY
44 – T – Joseph LaForme – Right – Gowanda, NY – Seneca WarChiefs (FNJBLL)
47 – T – Alexi Fauzey – Right –  Charlestown, RI
54 – F – Michael Fricke – Right – Mahomet, IL – Bentley Univ
77 – D – Justin Napolitano – Right – Ronkonkoma, NY – Adelphi University

Phew, that’s a lot of info, and a lot of talent right there!

You’ll see a couple guys from Bentley on the roster, and that’s a D2 school outside of Boston, as well as a couple of Massachusetts natives from both the East and West, and that makes sense as those guys are going to see great box being played in the Boston Box Lacrosse League along with a couple other places out in the western part of the state. You’ll also note a couple players from the Western New York area, and with all the great box being played in the FNJBLL, this comes as no surprise either. Having a couple of Seneca WarChiefs on your roster never hurts.

There is also a nice concentration of players from Colorado, and we all know that the players in that state have been taking the box game quite seriously for quite some time. The CCBLL is well represented here, and the fact that there are so many other Colorado players on the roster speaks to just what is being done on the floor out West. There are a couple guys from Eastern New York state as well, and there is some good toughness and excellent athleticism with this group. These are young men who want to get after it, do the dirty work, and make the US box community proud. I’m excited to see them all play!

While the team doesn’t have many players at 6’2″ and above, they will be fast and relentless, and they will need to be able to run all day against teams like Canada and the Iroquois.

Stay tuned to LaxAllStars.com for LIVE game streams from the 2018 World Juniors, and see what the future looks like. Here’s a hint – it’s bright!