rob pannell lyle thompson 2019 mll all star game draft
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2019 MLL All-Star Draft Released

The 2019 MLL All-Star Draft was released Monday morning across the Major League Lacrosse platforms. Team FIRE is led by Rob Pannell, while Lyle Thompson will guide Team ICE in the MLL All-Star game. The teams were selected by both Pannell and Thompson. The players were originally announced on July 9.

The 2019 MLL All-Star game will be played in Navy Marine Corps. Stadium in Annapolis, Maryland on July 27.

2019 MLL All-Star Draft


A Rob Pannell (Lizards) Lyle Thompson (Bayhawks)
A Mark Cockerton (Cannons) Colin Heacock (Bayhawks)
A Steele Stanwick (Bayhawks) Bryce Wasserman (Rattlers)
A Dylan Molloy (Lizards) John Grant Jr. (Outlaws)
A Shayne Jackson (Blaze) Randy Staats (Blaze)
M Kyle Denhoff (Cannons) Brendan Kavanagh (Outlaws)
M Nick Mariano (Bayhawks) Bryan Cole (Blaze)
M Jack Curran (Rattlers) Brendan Sunday (Blaze)
M Zach Currier (Outlaws) Isaiah Davis-Allen (Bayhawks)
M Mike Schlosser (Outlaws)  Brendan Bomberry (Bayhawks)
M Kevin Crowley (Lizards) Matt Abbott (Bayhawks)
D James Fahey (Cannons) Craig Chick (Rattlers)*
D Jake Pulver (Rattlers) Jesse Bernhardt (Bayhawks)
D Jack Carrigan (Lizards) Justin Pugal (Cannons)
D Ben Randall (Lizards) Finn Sullivan (Outlaws)
FO Alex Woodall (Blaze) Max Adler (Outlaws)
FO Greg Puskuldjian (Lizards) Kevin Reisman (Cannons)
LSM LSM Ryland Rees (Cannons) LSM CJ Costabile (Bayhawks)
SSDM TJ Comizio (Blaze) Zach Goodrich (Cannons)
G Chris Madalon (Blaze) Dillon Ward (Outlaws)
G Nick Marrocco (Cannons) Niko Amato (Bayhawks)

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