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vail lacrosse shootout 2019
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2019 Vail Lacrosse Shootout: Day 1 Results

The 2019 Vail Lacrosse Shootout kicked off its 47th annual tournament with all of the 40 and over divisions. Men’s Supermasters, Grandmasters, and Zenmasters started the tournament with pool play to determine seeding for the duration of their respective divisions. Day 2 of the tournament will continue with the three men’s divisions, along with both Boys and Girls U19 divisions. With 55 teams taking the field throughout the valley on Sunday, it’s sure to be a busy day.

vail lacrosse shootout 2019
Middlebury fended off the Navy Old & Gnarly Goats in route to a 3 to 2 win in the Zenmasters (age 60 and over) division.

2019 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Results for Saturday 6/29

Men’s Supermasters

Team 8 5, Tailgators/Generals 3

Team 8 1, Magic Wands/WLF 14

Tailgators/Generals 1, Magic Wands/WLF 14

Columbus Ballhawgs 3, Navy Old Goats 5

Columbus Ballhawgs 2, Elder Statesmen 18

Navy Old Goats 3, Elder Statesmen 7

Black Lab Sports 1, Middlebury 3

Black Lab Sports 5, Like a Dog 9

Middlebury 2, Like a Dog 5

Silver Oysters 4, Princeton BCLF 8

Silver Oysters 6, Finally 40 5

Princeton BCLF 3, Finally 40 7

Pool Play Results

Conference A
1- Magic Wands/WLF
2- Team 8
3- Tailgators/Generals

Conference B
1- Elder Statesmen
2- Navy Old Goats
3- Columbus Ballhawgs

Conference C
1- Like a Dog
2- Middlebury
3- Black Lab Sports

Conference D
1- Finally 40
2- Princeton BCLF
3- Silver Oysters

vail lacrosse shootout 2019
Physical play in the Zenmasters (age 60 and over) tournament between Peak-ed Masters and Middlebury knocked the offensive player off of his feet.

Men’s Grandmasters

Airforce Graybirds 0, Navy Grand Goats 6

Airforce Graybirds 0, Los Viejos de Tejas 12

Navy Grand Goats 2, Los Viejos de Tejas 4

Ephmen 1, Middlebury’s Team Gutman 5

Ephmen 1, Tombstone 7

Middlebury’s Team Gutman 6, Tombstone 5

Princeton BCLF 3, EMW 4

Princeton BCLF 0, Elder Statesmen 9

EMW 4, Elder Statesmen 7

Pool Play Results

Conference A

1- Los Viejos de Tejas

2- Navy Grand Goats

3- Airforce Graybirds

Conference B

1- Middlebury’s Team Gutman

2- Tombstone

3- Ephmen

Conference C

1- Elder Statesmen

2- EMW

3- Princeton BCLF

vail lacrosse shootout 2019
Acrobatics prevail as the Eldest Statesmen attackman sneaks it past the Mr. Boh defender.

Men’s Zenmasters

Middlebury 3, Navy Old & Gnarly Goats 2

Middlebury 0, Peak-ed Masters 3

Navy Old & Gnarly Goats 2, Peak-ed Masters 7

Eldest Statesmen 12, Mr. Boh 3

Eldest Statesmen 9, Los Abuelos de Tejas 4

Mr. Boh 4, Los Abuelos de Tejas 3

Pool Play Results

Conference A

1- Peak-ed Masters

2- Middlebury

3- Navy Old & Gnarly Goats

Conference B

1- Eldest Statesmen

2- Mr. Boh

3- Los Abuelos de Tejas 

vail lacrosse shootout 2019
Navy Grand Goats midfielder rips a high shot on Ford Field in the beautiful Vail Valley.

Schedule for Sunday 6/30

U19 High School Boys

Ford 1 East

1:00pm Nike Trailblazers vs. 3D Lacrosse

1:50pm Nike Trailblazers vs. FCA

2:40pm 3D Lacrosse vs. FCA 

Ford 2 West

1:00pm Nation United vs. Laxachusetts

1:50pm Nation United vs. Minnesota Chill

2:40pm Minnesota Chill vs. Laxachusetts


1:00pm Team 19 vs. ADRLN Tropics

1:50pm Team 19 vs. Wasatch LC

2:40pm Wasatch LC vs. ADRLN Tropics

Vail Mountain School

1:00pm Greene Turtle vs. Team Colorado

1:50pm Greene Turtle vs. True Lacrosse

2:40pm True Lacrosse vs. Team Colorado

vail lacrosse shootout 2019
Elder Statesmen attackman finds the top shelf to help his team to victory against EMW.

U19 High School Girls

Edwards Turf 1

9:00am Team 180 Yellow vs. Hero’s White

10:15am Stars Black vs. PSS

11:30am Team 180 Black vs. Team HLA

12:45am Hero’s White vs. PSS

2:00pm Hero’s Green vs. Big 4HHH

Edwards Field 2
9:00am Noco Select vs. Summit Select

10:15am Team TN vs. T3 All-Stars

11:30am Houston Heat vs. Summit Select

12:45pm Noco Select vs. MLA

Edwards Field 3
9:00am MLA vs. Houston Heat

10:15am Georgia Outlaws vs. Stars Blue

12:45pm Stars Black vs. Team 180 Yellow

Men’s Supermasters

Ford 1 East

11:30am Magic Wands/WLF vs. Finally 40

Ford 2 West

11:30am Elder Statesmen vs. Like a Dog

Vail Mountain School

11:30am Team 8 vs. Princeton BCLF


11:30am Navy Old Goats vs. Middlebury


12:30pm Tailgators/Generals vs. Silver Oysters

2:00pm Columbus Ballhawgs vs. Black Lab Sports

vail lacrosse shootout 2019
The Vail Lacrosse Shootout reconvened for its 47th annual tournament on Saturday, June 29.

Men’s Grandmasters

Ford 1 East

9:30am Los Viejos de Tejas vs. EMW

Ford 2 West

9:30am Middlebury’s Team Gutman vs. Elder Statesmen

Vail Mountain School

9:30am Navy Grand Goats vs. Tombstone


9:30am Airforce vs. Ephmen

11:00am TBD vs. Princeton BCLF

Men’s Zenmasters

Ford 1 East

8:00am Peak-ed Masters vs. Mr. Boh

Ford 2 West

8:00am Eldest Statesmen vs. Middlebury

Vail Mountain School

8:00am Navy Old & Gnarly Goats vs. Los Abuelos de Tejas 

Vail Shootout Schedule

High School Boys & Girls (U19): June 30th – July 3rd

Zenmasters (60 & Over): June 29th – July 1st

Grandmasters (50 & over): June 29th – July 1st

Supermasters (40 & over): June 29th – July 1st

Elite Men & Women: July 4th – 7th

Masters Men & Women (30 & over): July 4th – 6th


Stay tuned for more 2019 Vail Lacrosse Shootout coverage.