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2019 vail lacrosse shootout day 7

2019 Vail Lacrosse Shootout: Day 7 Results

The Men’s Elite semifinals will be played Satruday at the 2019 Vail Lacrosse Shootout. The Women’s Elite and Men’s Master’s Divisions both roll on.

The 2019 Vail Lacrosse Shootout rolled on in the three divisions. Men’s Masters continued their bracket to determine one of their championship contenders and the other two remaining for the semifinals. The Silver Oysters — and Middlebury or Legends — will compete tomorrow to see who proves victorious at the conclusion of that division. The Women’s Elite played their second day of round-robin play and will continue until Sunday, when record will decide what place each team will vie for. In the Men’s Elite division, it’s anyone’s game as Big Green Herd, Mohawk Tile Lacrosse Club, Rocky Mountain Oysters and ScoreBreak face off in the semifinals.

2019 vail lacrosse shootout day 7
A Women’s Elite player’s goggles do their job during some physical defense.

2019 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Results for Friday 7/5 

Men’s Elite

Chiefs Elite 11, Mohawk Tile Lacrosse Club 12

Big Green Herd 15, Steve French 6

Finkel & Garf 7, Rocky Mountain Oysters 13

ScoreBreak 14, Black Seals 12

Team Gutman 12, Jammin’ Salmon 24

Rogue 8, The Deli 12

Women’s Elite

U-Rad 2, The Tools 12

Team Wild 7, LAXaDAZEicalz 6

U-Rad 3, Rage 14

Jammin’ Salmonettes 9, Team Wild 10

The Tools 7, LAXaDAZEicalz 10

Rage 6, Jammin’ Salmonettes 15

Men’s Masters

Middlebury 7, Silver Oysters 8

10th Mountain Whiskey 8, Legends 9

Legends 7, Tony’s Tavern 3

WLF/Bayne 6, 10th Mountain Whiskey 5 

Schedule for Saturday 7/6

Men’s Elite

2019 vail lacrosse shootout day 7
A 10th Mountain Whiskey player attempts a behind-the-back shot in the Men’s Masters division.

Ford 1 East

10:00am Team Gutman vs. The Deli

12:00pm Rocky Mountain Oysters vs. ScoreBreak

2:00pm Mohawk Tile Lacrosse Club vs. Big Green Herd

Ford 2 West

10:00am Rogue vs. Jammin’ Salmon

12:00pm Finkel & Garf vs. Black Seals

2:00pm Chiefs Elite vs. Steve French

Women’s Elite


9:00am Team Wild vs. Rage

10:10am U-Rad vs. LAXaDAZEicalz

11:20am Team Wild vs. The Tools

12:30pm Jammin’ Salmonettes vs. U-Rad

1:40pm Rage vs. LAXaDAZEicalz

2:50pm The Tools vs. Jammin’ Salmonettes

Men’s Masters

Vail Mountain School

8:30am Tony’s Tavern vs. 10th Mountain Whiskey

10:00am Middlebury vs. Legends

11:30am Loser Game 12 vs. WLF/Bayne

1:00pm Silver Oysters vs. Winner Game 12

Saturday’s Schedule

High School Boys & Girls (U19): June 30th – July 3rd

Zenmasters (60 & Over): June 29th – July 1st

Grandmasters (50 & over): June 29th – July 1st

Supermasters (40 & over): June 29th – July 1st

Elite Men & Women: July 4th – 7th

Masters Men (30 & over): July 4th – 6th

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