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2019 vail lacrosse shootout day 9
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2019 Vail Lacrosse Shootout: Elite Final Standings

Another one is in the books as the 2019 Vail Lacrosse Shootout closed out its 47th annual tournament on July 7. The Men’s and Women’s Elite divisions concluded with their marquee events. On the women’s side, the Jammin’ Salmonettes took home their first championship trophy after many years of attending the Shootout. With perennial favorites Lacrossewear choosing not to attend this year’s tournament, the men’s trophy was up for the taking. In the end, ScoreBreak proved victorious for the first time in their Shootout career.

You can rewatch the 2019 Men’s and Women’s Elite Championship livestreams here.

2019 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Results For Sunday 7/7

2019 vail lacrosse shootout day 9
ScoreBreak attempts a daring jump shot against Big Green Herd, but the ball doesn’t quite make it all the way into the net.

Men’s Elite

ScoreBreak 10, Big Green Herd 5

It was a game of defense to start out the championship, where the first goal didn’t come until two minutes into the second quarter from Big Green Herd. Once the rain started, the points seemed to pour in as well, as ScoreBreak managed to put a six-point gap between them and the Herd during the middle of the game. While the Herd tried their best to kick it into overdrive on offense, it wasn’t enough to close the large lead ScoreBreak had gained.


Mohawk Tile Lacrosse Club 1, Rocky Mountain Oysters 0 (Forfeit)

Chiefs Elite 8, Black Seals 6

Finkel & Garf 6, Steve French 7

The Deli 9, Jammin’ Salmon 10

Team Gutman 1, Rogue 10

Final Standings

1st – ScoreBreak

2nd – Big Green Herd

3rd – Mohawk Tile Lacrosse Club

4th – Rocky Mountain Oysters

5th – Chiefs Elite

6th – Black Seals

7th – Steve French

8th – Finkel & Garf

All-Tournament Team

Nate Siekierski – ScoreBreak


Charlie Bertrand – ScoreBreak

Matt Soran – Mohawk Tile

Ryan Danehy – ScoreBreak

John Bowler – ScoreBreak

Matt Paul – Big Green Herd

Jack Ambrose – Big Green Herd


Brett Boos – ScoreBreak

Paul Manuszak – Chiefs elite

Matt Kramer – Steve French

Kyle Karaska – ScoreBreak

Ryan LaPlante – Rocky Mountain Oysters

Tom Keller – ScoreBreak

2019 vail lacrosse shootout day 9
A Jammin’ Salmonettes player looks for a scoring opportunity in an intense championship game against LAXaDAZEicalz.

Women’s Elite

LAXaDAZEicalz 6, Jammin’ Salmonettes 7

In a thrilling championship game, Jammin’ Salmonettes dominated with an impressive defense. Salmonette’s goalie, Jenna Hoffman, had a whopping nine saves, and MVP Greenlaw tore up the field with five points and one assist.

Team Wild 8, Rage 10

It was a well-played game from start to finish for third place. Team Wild started the scoring, but Rage kept it going. There were three hat tricks, one by Team Wild’s All-Tournament player McDonough and two for Rage, Fanell and Lash.

U-Rad 6, The Tools 14

It was an early game to determine fifth place, but The Tools were wide awake and ready to go. While holding U-Rad to only three points each half, The Tools took off by scoring within the first four minutes and continued until their last point with thirty seconds remaining.

Final Standings

1st – Jammin’ Salmonettes

2nd – LAXaDAZEicalz

3rd – Rage

4th – Team Wild

5th – The Tools

6th – U-Rad

All-Tournament Team

Jammin’ Salmonettes – Kirstie Greenlaw (MVP)

Jammin’ Salmonettes – Molly Snively

Jammin’ Salmonettes – Allison Phelan

Jammin’ Salmonettes – Jenna Hofmann

LAXaDAZEicalz – Eliza Radochonski

LAXiDAZEicalz – Caitlin Derry

LAXiDAZEicalz – Hunter Gray

The Tools – Jessica Tobey       

The Tools – Brianna Martinez

Team Wild – Emma McDonough

Team Wild – Katie Ritter

Rage – Emily Wadds

Coach/Team Rep:

Rage – Sarah Cooper