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2023 PLL MVP Frontrunners

What better time than the World Games break to examine who could win the 2023 Jim Brown PLL MVP award.

The history of the award tells you that anyone can win. Over four years we have seen three different positions win the award and no one has won it twice.

2019Matt RamboAttack
2020Zed WilliamsAttack
2021Blaze RiordenGoalie
2022Trevor BaptisteFaceoff

2023 PLL MVP Frontrunners

Attack – Ryder Garnsey

Garnsey leads the league in points (16), goals (14), and is second in shot percentage (60.9%). He’s also a human highlight reel often giving us SportsCenter type goals. If he can keep up his current pace he’s definitely going to be finalist.

Midfield – Connor Kelly

Kelly is the leading midfield scorer (14 points) on the back of his monster performance in week three where he scored 9 points with 3 two-pointers. His range is electric and while his performance hasn’t been consistently outrageous, we feel that he’s just heating up.

FOS – Trevor Baptiste

At 74.7% Baptiste is making professionals look like amateurs at the stripe. He’s always in the MVP conversation, but we’ll see if Big Lacrosse conspires against him. It’s bad for business to have a FOS be the face of the league, but he deserves it.

DM/LSM – Mike Messenger

A sneaky pick Messenger is barely a DM. Yes, he’s listed as one on the game day roster, he plays excellent 1v1 defense, but he’s a true two-way midfielder. Now that he’s getting more time on offense he’s proving he can score against any short stick and get out of his way when he’s headed downhill.

Defense – Gavin Adler

The lone rookie on the list has been an absolute eraser on defense. The Atlas are able to put him against anyone and know that the defense is in good hands. He leads the league in caused turnovers (6) and we’re sure more are to come.

Goalie – Blaze Riorden

The 2021 PLL MVP is at it again, boasting a league leading 64.6 save percentage and a league low 31 scores against. Blaze Riordern = Brick Wall. If the Chaos finish in the top half of the league, you know it’s because of Blaze’s performance.