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LaxAllStars North American Invitational 2017, Onondaga, NY, USA, photo Ondøej Mika LCC Custodes Frog Pond Maulers
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24 LASNAI Teams Announced… So Far!

Today we announced SEVEN more 2018 LASNAI teams, bringing our grand total of announced LASNAI teams up to 24 different squads… and we’re not even close to done! We are announcing at least 10 more teams in the next week, then we get to the draw, and the schedule, and then we’re 3 weeks away! 2018 LASNAI is coming in hot, coming up fast, and looking amazing.

If you’re interested in playing in the LASNAI but don’t have a team, sign up for a LAS House Team!

Let’s roll with our next five 2018 LASNAI teams!

Poland – Poland is sending a heritage team for their first-ever entry into the LASNAI! Poland has sent teams to the Ales Hrebesky and other tourneys, but this is their first box tournament on North American soil. We’re pumped to be able to add in a new international team any time we can, and we’re excited to see the Polish box program continue to move forward and improve. There’s no better way to do so than against the competition the LASNAI presents. We hope to have more European based national LASNAI teams in the future – we’re looking at you, Finland!

NOAFE – NOAFE, or The NOAFE will be the Non-orbital astronauts from Earth at the 2018 LASNAI, and while their name changes (they were the Non-Olympic Athletes From Everywhere at the 2018 Ales Hrebesky) and their roster changes, they play hard and play team lacrosse. This is a new travel club made up of American, Canadian, and European players, and Brian Witmer helps to stir the pot as an organizer, but these guys are all NOAFE, all the time.

AHM 2018 Photo: Martin Bouda
Photo: Martin Bouda

Puerto Rico – You thought our international team announcement were done, but you were wrong. Puerto Rico is putting in a true national team, and only using 2019 WILC eligible players to form their squad. This is their first forray into a national team for box, the plan is to be in BC for the 2019 FIL box world championships, and the LASNAI was the perfect way to get the team rolling. There will be some converted field players, but there will also be plenty of box talent on this team, and expectations are always high now for PR. To be able to hang even more flags in the fieldhouse this year will be another truly special moment.

Puerto Rico Bermuda Rien Zabor day 7 fil lacrosse lasnai teams
Photo: Rien Zabor

Rochester Bats – Mike Cooper is organizing the Bats and while the team is relatively new to the LASNAI plenty of their players have box experience (and have played on other LASNAI teams) and this squad in purple and gold should be bright and competitive. This will be a good, tough team with athleticism and know how, and where they finish up in the final rankings is anyone’s guess. I have no idea actually, and that’s what makes it all so exciting!

Team Graph-Tex – Local lacrosse purveyors, Graph-Tex, will be entering a 2018 LASNAI team this year, and this team will obviously have some local talent and flavor, but it will also have a serious Canadian feel to it, as a number of RIT alumni from North of the border will be on this squad, so expect them to compete, and score lots and lots of goals. Transition, settled, I don’t think it will matter. Look out for Graph-Tex aka the RIT Alumni Tiger Canada Box Club to do some serious damage. If you’re looking for a new team to do really well, this group seems like a solid choice. It all depends on what happens on the floor of course, but I like a strong looking new team any time we get one!d3 top 20 ncaa lacrosse brackets

LaserSharks Blanco – PJ Martin’s US-based LaserSharks program will be coming back in 2018 with the two headed shark once again. What’s that? Yup, there is another LaserSharks team.

LaserSharks Neon – The neon and blanco teams are both run by separate team managers, and as their name suggests, they were different colored jerseys, but it’s all a product of UnCommon Fit, PJ Martin, and their core of dedicated box enthusiasts. The LSharks travel all over, play in a ton of tourneys, and generally do really well. We’re excited to see these teams battle it out in 2018 and see if they can improve on their 2017 LASNAI finishes. The talent is there, is this their LASNAI year?

2018 LASNAI Teams – More Coming Soon!

We will announce more teams in the coming days and weeks, and we’ve got a LOT of fantastic teams to announce!

  1. Team USA WHITE
  2. Team USA BLUE
  3. Czech Republic Developmental National Team
  4. LCC Radotin – Czech Box Champs
  5. Gold Star Tel Aviv – 2018 AHM Champs
  6. Frog Pond Maulers – 2017 LASNAI runner up
  7. The Young Guns – U20 Iroquois players
  8. Basom Bombers – ULAX Buffalo Champs
  9. Music City – Nashville Champs
  10. Brooklyn Dodgers – 4x NYC Champs
  11. Caughnawaga Indians – TNLL Champs
  12. LaxAllStars House Team #1
  13. Glasgow Clydesiders – 2017 AHM runners up
  14. Team Weekend LC – Oakville-based club
  15. Toronto Tigers – Urban lacrosse in Ontario!
  16. Cleveland Demons – Ohio’s best!
  17. Seneca Marksmen – A tough team from the Western Door!
  18. Poland – Heritage Team
  19. NOAFE – International club team
  20. Puerto Rico – first time international team
  21. Rochester Bats – a new team with experience
  22. Team Graph-Tex – US and Canadian sponsored tourney team
  23. LaserSharks Neon – US based club team
  24. LaserSharks Blanco – US based club team

We will see you, the 22 teams above, and EVEN MORE TEAMS, in Onondaga from September 27th though 29th, 2018!