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LaxAllStars North American Invitational 2017, Onondaga, NY, USA, photo Ondøej Mika LCC Custodes Frog Pond Maulers
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31 LASNAI Teams Announced!

The 2018 LASNAI box lacrosse tournament is announcing seven more teams today, and that brings us to 31 LASNAI teams announced so far for 2018. Did I say so far? I did, because there are more teams still, and that final teams announcement will come near the end of the week! I will quickly run through the next seven teams (including the two-time defending champs), give you the low down on the Tournament Draw taking place late this week, and then provide an updated list of all 31 teams currently announced.

Tournament Draw/Structure

If you like March Madness, you’ll love the new 2018 LASNAI format. The tournament will enter playoff mode immediately.  Win and move on. Lose and drop to a consolation bracket. It’s simple and it means that EVERY SINGLE GAME MATTERS. That’s worth yelling about.

Teams will be divided into 4 seeded pots – A, B, C, and D – with A being the top finishers from 2017. The pots are based on previous year’s performances and 2018 rosters.  Each quadrant of the playoff structure will have one A team, and one B team. Each quadrant will also have multiple C teams, and multiple D teams, creating a tough but balanced road to the finals for any team. Every team, even those that lose early, will play through consolation brackets to a final ranking, and every team will be guaranteed a minimum of five games, so we’ll have exciting, meaningful, and competitive lacrosse for three straight days.2018 LASNAI bracket

The live draw will take place on Saturday, September 8th, at approximately 3:45 PM ET, live on the floor of LCC Radotin prior to the final of the Frank Menschner Cup.  You can watch the LIVE STREAM on the LCC Radotin Youtube page, and the best part is you get to see the final of the FMC right after at 4:00 PM ET!

Several LASNAI teams could be in the mix for the FMC title: Glasgow, NOAFE, Toronto Tigers, and most definitely, the home club side from LCC Radotin.

Looking for a team? Sign up to play HERE!

7 More 2018 LASNAI Teams

Thompson Brothers Lacrosse – TBL is back for their third straight year, and they will be defending their back-to-back titles with vigor. 4 Thompsons, Dhane Smith, and a host of other hyper talented players will be the backbone of the team, their uniforms will be fresh and different and they can certainly be described as a favorite (if there is one) to win again. In Year 1 they had a tough game with Caughnawaga in the semis, and last year Frog Pond pushed TBL to the limit in the finals, but TBL finds a way to win. Can anyone knock them off? 2018 is a big year for TBL as they chase the three-peat.

LaxAllStars North American Invitational 2017, Onondaga, NY, USA, photo Ondøej Mika LCC Custodes Frog Pond Maulers
Photo: Ondrej Mika / LCC Radotin

Onondaga Redhawks – The home side is back for year 3 of the LASNAI and after winning the 2018 Can-Am title and making a run to the Prezzies, we expect Onondaga to be locked and loaded for this year’s event. OAC has finished near the top during both of the past LASNAI tournaments, so never look past the home team. This will be a well-oiled group, always ready to produce in front of their home town fans, family, and friends.

Courage Game House Team – Nick Welton’s Courage Game team made their first appearance in the LASNAI last year and the guys who were playing for the first time were hooked. This group is coming back with a lot of the same faces, and is looking to improve on their 2017 finish. This is a great group of guys, who play hard, celebrate the little things, and are at the tourney for the right reasons. We love watching how teams come together over the years, and it’s exciting to see the Courage Game back again.courage game 2017 lasnai box lacrosse 31 LASNAI Teams

Syracuse Stingers – Neal Powless has twice put the Stingers into the LASNAI, and twice put together an impressive group. While their ultimate finish has not been as high as hoped, the Stingers will give anyone a game no matter the outcome, and they play hard, beautiful lacrosse. It’s physical, but the skills on display are top notch and some of the pick and roll action shows off the team’s experience nicely. You never know what to expect from the Stingers in terms of their finish, but 2018 could be the year they really break through to the highest levels. These guys know the box game!

Big Boys of Akwesasne – Alex “Big Boy” Garrow is leading the way with Troy Lyons to organize this talented team out of Akwesasne. Expect this team to be experienced, tough, talented, and capable of playing together. There is a ton of skill, but there is also going to be teamwork and two-man games, and it’s going to be beautiful. The Big Boys are looking strong on paper, and they are a new team for the LASNAI that is definitely worth watching!

The Philippines – After a Top 10 finish at the 2018 Worlds, the Philippines are putting together a box team for the LASNAI and we are thrilled to have yet another international team competing in our event. Like BEYOND THRILLED! Poland, Puerto Rico, a team from Scotland AND the Philippines? It’s amazing. This team will be good, they will play hard, and while their roster is not 100% set yet, what I’ve seen so far is promising. Box + Philippines = awesome.

Czech Republic Philippines Ryan Conwell 2018 FIL World Lacrosse Championships world championships
Photo: Ryan Conwell /

Akwesasne Aces – Sure the Aces might be a little younger, but so were the Young Guns last year, and they were super competitive with the best teams around. DO NOT SLEEP ON the Aces, even if they are young! This team will be very good, organized, and capable of playing some serious team lacrosse. The competition will be a step up for them, but by playing together I fully expect the Aces to surprise some folks. Stepping up to play with the older guys – LOVE IT, Aces!

31 LASNAI Teams for 2018 – More Soon!

We will announce more teams in the coming days, and we’ve got a LOT of fantastic teams to announce! Our current 31 teams are listed below, alphabetically, and by their ranked pot.

 1.  Basom Bombers – ULAX Buffalo Champs
 2.  Frog Pond Maulers – 2017 LASNAI runner up
 3.  Onondaga Redhawks – the home team, Can-Am champs
 4.  Thompson Brothers Lacrosse – 2x defending LASNAI champs!
 1.  Big Boys of Akwesasne – top level newcomer
 2.  Team USA BLUE
 3.  Team USA WHITE
 4.  Announcement coming soon!
 1.  Caughnawaga Indians – TNLL Champs
 2.  Goldstar Tel Aviv – 2018 AHM Champs
 3.  Team Graph-Tex – US and Canadian sponsored tourney team
 4.  LaserSharks Blanco – US based club team
 5.  LCC Radotin – Czech Box Champs
 6.  Seneca Marksmen – a tough team from the Western Door!
 7.  Syracuse Stingers – perennial LASNAI power
 8.  Team Weekend LC – Oakville-based club
 9.  The Young Guns – U20 Iroquois players
 10.  Announcement coming soon!
 11.  Announcement coming soon!
 12.  Announcement coming soon!
 13.  Announcement coming soon!
 1.  Akwesasne Aces – future stars looking to make their name
 2.  Brooklyn Dodgers – 4x NYC Champs
 3.  Cleveland Demons – Ohio’s best!
 4.  Courage Game House Team – back for year 2
 5.  Czech Republic Developmental National Team
 6.  Glasgow Clydesiders – 2017 AHM runners up
 7.  LaserSharks Neon – US based club team
 8.  LaxAllStars House Team #1
 9.  Music City – Nashville Champs
10. NOAFE – international club team
11. Philippines – yet another amazing international team
12. Poland – heritage Team
13. Puerto Rico – first time international team
14. Rochester Bats – a new team with experience
15. Toronto Tigers – urban lacrosse in Ontario!
16. Announcement coming soon!

We have more teams to come, the 2018 LASNAI draw, schedule announcements, and a ton of sponsor/vendor info to release, so keep the dial tuned to the LAS box!