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412 Report: MVP Lancaster

The inaugural MVP Fall Exposure was held at Manhiem Township in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It’s an incredibly smart choice for a venue simply because the school had four turf fields. FOUR TURF FIELDS! Despite grey skies all day, the rains held off and teams from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, New York, and Virginia competed in three games each.

These are not necessarily the best players at the event, but rather the players that captured our attention in one way or another during the games that we saw.

Central PA Dawgs 2014 attack Max Haldeman tallied three goals and one assist against Pittsburgh Low and Away U19. Two goals came off of a dodge from behind and the final tally was the result of a dodge from up top. A D3 coach called the natural lefty the best player at the event.

380 Lacrosse 2016 attack Noah Lycett is a talented feeder. He registered at least one assist against NJ Riot. Considering his build, it was surprising to learn he was a 2016.

LB3 2017 middie Thomas Clements has a polished lefty stick for such a young midfielder. He also takes face offs and has a great motor between the llines.

Low and Away Pittsburgh 2017 middie Cian Malcom stands out thanks to his height, athleticism, and flashy stick. The natural lefty needs to develop his shooting stroke more, but has potential.

Low and Away Pittsburgh 2016 attack Adam Reimer had the best stick skills on his team. He kept his composure dodging under heavy pressure against Philly Elite defensemen. Reimer was called up to play with Low and Away Pittsburgh’s U19 team later in the day.

Low and Away Pittsburgh 2015 middie Nick Grabowski, the largest L&A middie standing at 6’2”, tallied at least two goals and one assist on the day. Both goals came from behind the net. One came off an invert and the other off of a loose ball resulting him taking a pole to the rack. His assist came in transition on a man down clear.

Low and Away Pittsburgh 2015 goalie Matt Lee made a three quality saves on one possession against Blue Mountain. The first two were challenging off-hip saves that he made look routine. The third was a stick side high denial. Lee continues the Mt. Lebanon goalie tradition of not using shooting strings.

NJ Riot 2016 defenseman Josh Karp has the length and speed to be a shut down pole. He has an active stick, making it much harder for attackman to throw clean passes. In transition Karp showed a willingness to push the pace. At one point, the opposition’s coach called out, “Shooter,” while he was carrying the pill into the offensive box. Not bad for a long stick.

NJ Riot 2018 middie Jesse West was one of a handful of 2018s competing on Sunday. He was at times the best middie on the field in their first game against LB3 2017 thanks to incredibly polished dodging and vision. On one play, he took the pole down the alley, rolled and spot fed the back door for an easy dump. Not many middies at the event had that kind of awareness or skill. West also showed off a fairly heavy shot despite his tiny stature.

Phillie Elite 2017 attack Brad Palmer was one of the best finishers at the event. He was extremely confident in tight spaces using a variety of fakes to undress the NJ Riot goalie three times while we were watching.