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A New Direction

Man On (Lacrosse) Fire

I’m kinda new around here. I’ve tried things out and after some reflection a little change is in order.  There are no pics in this post so if you can’t read just keep on moving.

If you have been reading any of the previous posts I’ve made (there’s only three)  I want to thank you while I strolled down memory lane.  Now it’s time to look forward.

I’m still kind of new to the whole blogging thing.  Lacrosse All Stars was kind enough to give me a driver’s permit to learn with. So I was checking around to see how the other guys were doing it, what they talked about, how they talked about it etc. . .  Then I read this  quote from Connor Wilson;

412 Lax is unique. His posting style is long and rambling… but also totally awesome. In a homage to the greatest long-post lacrosse blogger of the modern (or any) era, I will simply try to rip off his style and just wax poetic.

So then I started reading 412 Lax’s site (Editor’s note: so should you).  I liked his style, he is edgy, intelligent, brings some great content and speaks in the first person plural.  So I tried to pattern a little after him.  You know what I mean.  Well, 412, no offense but I tried it on, it didn’t fit, you keep it.  I’m gonna stick to first person singular.

If things work out then hopefully I’ll be fully licensed to drive .  My first vision was to focus on just lacrosse in Orange County CA.  Anything and everything lacrosse in the OC.  The OC is home to Chapman University, SLC  DI Champions, and runner’s up to the MCLA National Championship two years straight.  Also Cal State Fullerton, SLC DII Champions.  In addition there is University of California at Irvine.  Not to mention the ever growing number of high school teams that are popping up out here, and club programs.  That’s enough to keep me busy.

Somehow in the conversation with the LAS honchos the idea came across that I was going to cover all of Southern California.  At first I was like whoa that’s a lot to handle, but then I thought what the hell, think globally, go big.

So I’m gonna do my best to bring you lacrosse action from LA, the OC, and San Diego.  I’m not gonna guarantee coverage of every single game.  I’ll admit right now the bulk of content will come from the OC because that’s where I live.  If there is a particular match up you want me to bring to you then drop me a line and I’ll cover it.

The fellas at LaxAllStars want to be the best so they demand the best from their contributors.  Giving you less would be a disservice to lacrosse, LAS, and you the readers.  If there is something you want to see, discuss or offer up for suggestion then let me know.  I’m going to bring you the lacrosse that you want to know about. Even stuff you didn’t know you wanted to know about.

My name’s Middie D and I’m sticking to it!

I’m going to try and hit the UCI v St Mary’s game  on the 4th, and the San Diego v Chapman game on the 6th.

Up for this week:

Cal State Fullerton plays UCLA February 4th @ UCLA  7:00pm.  Map it here

UCI plays St Mary’s February 4th @ UCI 7:30pm.  Directions here

UCLA plays UNLV February 5th @ UCLA 7:00pm

San Diego plays UCI February 6th @ UCI 1:00pm

(Apparently San Diego is playing twice on the 6th)

San Diego plays Chapman @ Chapman 7:00pm (A word to the wise; If you want peeps in the seats put up directions on your website. )


About the author: Middie D played lacrosse at BYU under the tutelage of former Head Coach Jason Lamb and Current Head Coach Matt Schneck.  He now lives in God’s paradise of Southern California, more specifically Orange County.  His favorite color is shocking pink, favorite food is candy corns, and likes watching telenovelas.

Questions? Want to contribute to the Lax All Stars Network? Hit us up at