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trilogy 2020 summer tournament
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Adding Style to Substance – Branding Trilogy’s 2020 Summer Tournaments

What are the central aspects of great lacrosse events? How can you create a tournament experience so that players, coaches, program directors and parents ALL come away saying, “Wow, that was an amazing weekend!”

If you are catering to a program director, you’d probably want to nail down the communications and make sure there is someone they can talk to onsite if things go sideways. If you are trying to make parents happy, you’d likely pick the perfect event location — and venue — and schedule effectively to ensure they don’t spend all day in the sun. And to keep the players happy, you’d do your homework to ensure the games are competitive and the referees are keeping things fair.


Trilogy Lacrosse focused on those very elements in building our Tournaments over the past seven years. We fixated on the substance, leaving the flash for the companies that have come and gone. We strived to deliver on what we promised and focused on the consumer. The names of our events leaned heavily on the strength and reputation of the overall Trilogy Lacrosse brand and reflected this utilitarian approach: Trilogy Atlanta Tournament, Trilogy Rider Tournament, etc. They were like Crocs or a visor… basic. Unsexy. But they got the job done.

Because of this approach, we have grown from two small tournaments in 2013 to 12 events in 2019 that featured teams from 26 states and Canada.

In 2020, we want to do more. While we will continue to lead the industry with our operational excellence, we now have the event brands to match the substance. They reflect the wholistic experience:  the look, the feel, the atmosphere.

We are excited to share the brand-new event names and logos for Trilogy’s 2020 Summer Tournaments and hope you will come experience them for yourself.

Trilogy 2020 Summer Tournaments Rebrand