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Adrenaline Lacrosse Boys’ All-American 2023 High School Game Recap

In a high-octane clash at the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas, the boys’ 2023 Adrenaline All-American game delivered an exhilarating display of talent, teamwork, and sheer enthusiasm. The North and South teams took center stage as the sun dipped below the horizon, showcasing the best college-bound boys’ lacrosse players in the West. The stage was set for a riveting showdown.

From the jump, it was evident that this game would be anything but ordinary. Both teams carried a high energy and camaraderie you usually don’t see at such events. Many of these boys knew each other personally; that connection was evident on and off the field. Whether during the pregame warm-ups or in the hotel lobby, these boys were thrilled to be playing at such a high-level event with their best friends.

The North team set the tone early in the first quarter, displaying their offensive prowess and team chemistry. Caio Stephens (High Point) kicked off the match, scoring the game’s first goal. The North bench exploded as everyone sprinted towards Stephens, where he then led them back to the locker room, a celebration that will undoubtedly be remembered.
The North quickly jumped out to a dominant 6-1 lead by the end of the first quarter, and everyone thought that the South might be on the receiving end of a one-sided affair. However, the South players were able to rally the troops and show why lacrosse is considered a game of runs.

The second quarter witnessed a spirited resurgence from the South as they fought back valiantly, narrowing the deficit to 8-4 by halftime. Krammer was the standout player for the South, bagging two goals and showcasing his remarkable skill. If the South could continue on this path, they might be able to even up the game headed into the third.

However, the North had no intentions of letting victory slip through their fingers. They answered back with six unanswered goals during the second half in a dazzling display of both offense and defense. While it’s very easy to look at the North’s impressive offense, their defense really won this game. They played with a level of aggression that not many teams are used to seeing. They constantly pressured the ball carrier toward the sidelines while locking off their d-middle matchups, leaving the ball carrier nowhere to pass the rock. This level of pressure completely overtook the South offense, and they could never succeed in the second half.

As the final whistle blew, the North celebrated a well-deserved 13-7 victory. Georgetown’s commit and game MVP, Anderson Moore, proved himself as the game-changer. His main highlight of the night came after making a crucial save, where Moore then dashed out of the cage and embarked on a breathtaking sprint down the field. A well-timed pass from Jack Kiefer (Duke) found Moore in stride, allowing him to unleash a ferocious shot from deep, a moment every goalie dreams of. The celebration that followed was nothing short of electric, with Moore riding his stick like a triumphant warrior.

The boys’ 2023 Adrenaline All-American game was more than just a competition; it was a celebration of the sport and a memorable send-off for the high school lacrosse stars as they set their sights on the next chapter in their careers. As the Adrenaline Lacrosse All-American weekend concluded, there was a sense of excitement and anticipation for what these young athletes would accomplish at the next level.