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asher nolting clutch play of the week
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Asher Nolting: Clutch Play of the Week — #FilmBreakdown

With the game tied at 14 in NCAA SoCon action, High Point coach John Torpey calls a timeout with 58 seconds on the clock. Knowing that the shot clock wasn’t a factor, Torp drew up a play to get one of the nations best players, Asher Nolting a chance to score. This is our Clutch Play of the Week.

1. Asher Nolting #32, stands in the corner and waits until about 18 seconds to initiate his dodge.

2. Asher Nolting‘s teammate, #23, who is covered by a short stick, sets a pick behind the cage. The intent is to either get Nolting a short stick matchup, or to give him a step on his defender.

3. The Richmond D plays the pick perfectly, with the short stick hedging out to slow Nolting, while the pole slipped under the pick and recovered.

4.The reality is that this game was going to end with Asher Nolting shooting, he works his defender as he has all season, gets his hands free and puts a shot on cage for the game winner and the outright SOCON regular season title for High Point.