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Luke Miller
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Athleticism Runs in the Blood of Luke Miller

Luke Miller is a high school sophomore from Maryland who has been all over the lacrosse showcase circuit this summer and fall. He was selected to the USA Lacrosse’s U16 team and scored six goals during the Brogden Cup last month.

The McDonogh High School product is native of the Old Line State and the son of former Maryland lacrosse player John Miller. He said his father has played a big role in his lacrosse love.

“[My dad] was the one who introduced me to lacrosse,” Luke Miller said. “I’ve basically had a stick in my hand since I was 5 years old.”

That’s not the only lacrosse player who has had an impact on his game. Luke Miller’s uncle, Andrew Combs, was also a decorated lacrosse player for the Terps.

“My uncle has been a huge influence [on my game],” Luke Miller explained. “He trains me on shooting and dodging.”

The familial athletic background doesn’t stop there. Luke Miller’s mother, Meredith Miller, played field hockey and basketball in high school, adding another layer of athleticism to him. But practice is what hones raw skill, and he knows that.

“I got that from my dad,” Luke Miller said. “You have to do the work when people aren’t watching. It doesn’t have to be crazy all the time, either, just working on the fundamentals. If you don’t work on the fundamentals, you won’t be ready when the lights are on.”

That preparation is also part of his pregame routine. Miller said he likes to visualize himself making plays, looking at different areas of the field and playing out certain game situations before the contest even starts.

Luke Miller

The player explained that the game of lacrosse has helped shape how he operates and the person he is today. Sports as a whole have grabbed hold of Miller – he also plays football and basketball at McDonogh. He understands how sports can influence the rest of your life off the field.

“Sports have taught me how to interact with people and how to be a good teammate,” he explained. “There is a lot of adversity in sports, at times things can get tough. But you can get through it as long as you keep pushing forward and don’t give up.”

Whether it’s on the field or in any aspect of life, Miller said he tries to live every day by the following quote:

“Work every day to achieve your dreams, and don’t think your dreams are too far-fetched. You can do anything you put your mind to.”