Joenandez’s 2009 Mixtape

Our pal Joenandez hooked us up with this little mixtape of all his favorite songs from 2009. A lot of the stuff is fresh – good beats and a positive feel. Thought y’all would enjoy it.

Will Lacrosse EVER Become Mainstream?

I attended my first Major League Soccer game this past weekend. From the moment I stepped into the stadium, I couldn’t help but dream that I was walking into Qwest field to watch Seattle’s pro Lacrosse team play an intense Saturday night game.

Lacrosse Revolution: The Power of ONE

I live and die by the Power of 3… 3 powerpoint slides, 3 bullets, 3 main points, 3 business implications. I learned this early in my young career, have stuck by it and it’s served me well. But in the hyper fast-paced world of the social web, where websites and realtime updates and RSS feeds compete for your attention, I’m beginning to realize that 3 can be too much…

Programming Note: Watch the 7OT UVA – Maryland Instant Classic on ESPNU @ 8:30 EST Tuesday night

(AP photo)In case you missed it, the “instant classic” between Virginia and Maryland is replaying on Tuesday night (3/31) for those of us who missed it. (ME included!)

It should NOT be this difficult to know when games are on TV… I just happened to see this come across Google Reader randomly in the Home feed, which I never look at. In an ideal world, we would have gotten an e-mail update on this. Another example of how hard it is to be a fan.

Lacrosse on Social Media

As a lacrosse fan, this year has been different for me. I’m not paying any more attention to the MCLA or NCAA than I normally do. In fact, I think I’ve Google’d “NCAA lacrosse TV schedule” only once or twice in the last few months. (Honestly, I don’t know why I try, Comcast doesn’t get ESPNU.) But the truth is I feel more connected to this sport than I’ve been in quite some time.

Lacrosse Futurism…. Let’s Ideate

I was powering through my Google Reader feeds a few days ago when I stumbled across this great TechCrunch article. It’s funny to think that Disney’s imagineers of yesterday at some point sat in a room and said to eachother, “you know, I bet that in 50 years your food will come in pill form” and then, “Let’s build an entire area of Disneyland based on our crazy ideas!!”

Nike Enters Lacrosse Market

Dollar signs. Are Brine, STX and Warrior making them? I don’t have a glimpse into their books in the current economic environment, but my gut feeling says no. Dealing with a classic “new kid on the block” scenario probably doesn’t help. Especially since the new kid is big and was the star quarterback at the other school.

Why Passion Isn’t Enough To Grow The Game

Editor’s note: It’s Friday morning, & we’ve got just the thing for you. Please welcome Joenandez to LacrosseAllStars, joining the team as our friday columnist. He’ll be digging beneath the surface of the sport and sharing his valuable perspectives on how we can spur its growth. This first post sets the tempo for a ton of great Friday morning insights coming your way. Check it out.