Would Helmets Make Girls’ Lacrosse More Dangerous?


Should girl lacrosse players be required, like boys, to wear protective headgear? A small study shows that while helmets offer some protection, they don’t prevent concussions and may actually make the game more aggressive.

Blue Collar Lacrosse Bringing Marc Mesh To Baggataway Cup

Marc Mesh

The Baggataway Cup Finals will take place from November 7 to 9, 2014 and will feature the top three teams from CUFLA’s East and West divisions. This is a very exciting time for field lacrosse fans as the central location of the venue makes it easily accessible for a very large number of guests.

Sheridan Named First Assistant at Princeton

Thailand Lacrosse Coach Dylan Sheridan

Four-year University of Denver men’s lacrosse assistant coach Dylan Sheridan has been named the first assistant at Princeton University, Tigers’ head coach Chris Bates announced on Wednesday.

The Iroquois’ ‘Little War’ for Independence

Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Helmet NOCSAE Voids

Winona LaDuke explains how lacrosse is a microcosm of the Iroquois Nation’s fight for sovereignty. “The history of lacrosse is also the history of attempts by the Iroquois Nation—the longest-standing democracy in North America—to gain recognition under international law.”