Considering The Post Graduate Year: What You Need To Know

Jim Grim Wilson of Loomis Chaffee Lacrosse legend

Dave Madeira of Empower The Athlete is back with BOTH his take on PG years and an unreal interview with former Loomis Chaffee Coach, Jim “Grim” Wilson. This is what you need to know to make a decision on a Post Graduate Year!

Craig Robinson, Joe DiMaggio, And Your Recruiting Process

joe dimaggio

Dave Madeira from Empower the Athlete is back with some inspired advice on character, and how it can help or hurt you in the recruiting process. Summer recruiting camps are just around the corner, so High School players, you need to read this!

The Recruiting Process With A Tracking System

Frank advice is key in these modern days of hyper recruiting. Dave Madeira from Empower The Athlete stops by to dispense more invaluable instructions on how to get noticed, stay noticed and make it to the program of your dreams, no matter if it’s NCAA D1, D3 or MCLA lax. This is your blueprint!

Recruits – Check Your Body Language

Dave, from Empower the Athlete, stops by with some great insight on body language and how things other than your play on the field can help or hurt you in the recruiting process.