Lacrosse In Poland: From The Beginning

lacrosse in poland

Lacrosse in Poland, like many programs in Europe, first started rearing its head in the second half of the 2000’s. From there it has grown consistently!

A European Summer: Lacrosse Style

Summer hit Europe in a big way last weekend, with temperatures soaring well into the 30 C’s (100-110’s). The stage was set for a great weekend in Germany, in the city of Essen, for the fifth edition of the Glück Auf Cup!

Dutch National Team Looking to Make A Push in Denver

Netherlands lacrosse team Dutch National team

The Dutch have landed in Denver and have set their sights on their first opponent, China. Under the leadership of Neal Powless, Ryan Demorest, Bill Bjorness and Jared Fotis, the Orange are ready to make a push and improve on the 8th position achieved at the last World Championships.