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Trey Oaks

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Trey got his start in lacrosse in the midwest playing at Northern Illinois University as a goalie. He continued on to coach both U13 and High school travel ball in the Chicago land area. Later he decided to move back to the south east to be closer to family and settled in Louisiana. Now, Trey continues to play with the NOLC mens club and coaches at St. Paul's School in Covington, as well as with Team Louisiana. When lacrosse is not on the schedule he spends time with his wife and teaching his dog to FOGO.
New Orleans Lacrosse: Update 2
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New Orleans Lacrosse: Update 2

The last couple of weeks in Louisiana have been crazy. We have endured flood, tornadoes, and weeks of rain, and a lacrosse season went into overdrive to make up games and get the high school play off picture hashed out. College and Men's Club level have interesting information as well!