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Random Thoughts: NLL Week 1 Thoughts, Brodie Merrill Trade Lives On

TORONTO, ON - MAR 11, 2018: National Lacrosse League game between the Toronto Rock and the New England Blackwolves, (Photo by Ryan McCullough / NLL) Aaron Bold goaltender

We have one week in the books in the NLL season, and as much as some things do change, some things never change. What did change, an enhanced playoff format.  I had read about this in an article from Steve Ewen several weeks ago and when I asked around to get someone to confirm it, […]

Random Thoughts: NLL Expansion, Season Predictions and More

Christian Del Bianco Calgary Roughnecks NLL 2018

We finally have meaningful lacrosse being played this coming weekend.  It’s a few weeks late and several people including myself probably gained a few ulcers getting there, but we finally have meaningful lacrosse.  And to be honest, I’m happy that my daily texts and DM’s are all about players being released, picked up, trades happening […]

Random Thoughts: CBA Woes and More

Saskatchewan Rush NLL 2018 NLL Championship

It’s been a long time away from the keyboard, and given all that has happened in the lacrosse world the last several days, there’s no time like the present to get back at it.  But to lead off, there’s an important piece of business to take care of. Farewell My Friend It was with extreme […]

Random Thoughts: NLL Expansion!

Game 2 of the NLL Finals Rochester v Saskatchewan 6.2.2018 NLL Expansion

It’s time for NLL expansion and that means player movement, predictions, and plenty of uncertainty over the next few weeks!

Random Thoughts: NLL Finals Built for a Grand Finale

Game 2 of the NLL Finals Rochester v Saskatchewan 6.2.2018 NLL Mock Draft NLL expansion draft

Is everybody excited for NLL Finals Game 3? Well perhaps not if you’re a Rush fan as you would have loved for it to be over with last Saturday, but for everybody else, we have a series that will go to the bitter end, which is exactly what everyone else wanted to see.

Random Thoughts: Rush Hot in Game 1, Ref Issues, Summer SWAT

Saskatchewan Rush Rochester Knighthawks NLL Finals 2018 NLL playoff format

After two weeks of waiting, we finally got down to business in a highly anticipated NLL final. The Saskatchewan Rush, who were the best team all season, and the team that managed to knock them off their pedestal twice, the Rochester Knighthawks.