Back to the Mountain - D1 Lacrosse Cartoon
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Back to the Mountain – D1 Lacrosse Cartoon

It’s that time of the year that we’ve all been waiting for! We hit the mid-May mark and that means it’s time for the NCAA D1 playoffs. This season was basically a giant game of King of the Hill, which adds up to mean the selection process was going to be a fiasco.

Well, it was. Plenty of teams, and their loyal fanbases, were booted off a cliff in true 300 fashion. Four Big Ten and just as many ACC teams combine to make half of the freaking field. I know there’s serious weight in those conferences, but dang.

The gates at the top of Lacrosse Mountain appear to be a lot less pearly, much more “KEEP OUT” max-security. That sounds about right for a select group getting denied entry on Selection Sunday.

Back to the Mountain – D1 Lacrosse Cartoon
by Jim Fenzel

Back to the Mountain - D1 Lacrosse Cartoon by Jim Fenzel

There’s no way to sum up what is shaking out without a visual like this. I don’t think anyone could have accurately predicted the way things ended up and there’s a handful of teams that could make a legit argument for deserving ta shot. Maybe it’s time for a bigger bracket? Oh, baby!

I also love the preferential treatment for Denver illustrated by Fenzel this week. Who doesn’t feel bad for poor Richmond, Army…even Rutgers (despite four B1G teams making the dance).

To see more of Jim Fenzel’s excellent work, climb back up the mountain to his website. He’s got a coffee mug or two on there you’re going to want to pick up, because coffee is good, and so are his cups.

Jim will be back each week with more one-of-a-kind Weekly D1 (and other) Lacrosse Cartoons. Enjoy, and if you see Jim on Twitter, give him some thanks and of course the all important follow.

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