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Bayhawks Owner Sees PLL Competition As Positive

Chesapeake Bayhawks Owner Brendan Kelly has been investing in lacrosse since 2011. Go behind the scenes with Paul Carcaterra and see what the MLL franchise owner is saying about the competition.

Bayhawks Owner Brendan Kelly on the PLL

This episode of @TheX has lacrosse analyst Paul Carcaterra interview Kelly on his history in the lacrosse business and what changes he has seen in the industry. One of these that the two discuss is the emergence of the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL). “BK” presents his unique outlook on the competition, saying that it can only help lacrosse grow into a larger spectator sport.

“I compare it to the AFL and NFL, and the ABA and NBA,” said Kelly. “In the endgame, I think it’s going to be a big positive to help grow the sport because you have more investors getting involved, more great minds getting involved, more passionate people getting involved to help grow the game. When that all comes back together, you’ll have a much better product and a much better group of owners that want to take the game in the right direction.”

Kelly hopes to bridge the two different sides of the “fence” in the leagues’ competition and understand the “why” of what everyone is doing. “I think it’s taking time to get to know people and taking time to understand what the pressure points are,” said Kelly. “I think people are too quick to make a judgement or have an opinion about how things should be without really understanding what got people to where they’re at or their thought process.”

-Chesapeake Bayhawks

What are your opinions on the future of the Premier Lacrosse League and Major League Lacrosse? Will the two leagues eventually merge? Are either of the leagues in trouble? Will one outlast the other? Share in the comments!