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Best College Lacrosse Helmets: Cascade, Warrior, STX

In recent years, the lacrosse world has seen an expansion in helmet options. Teams across the country have been taking a chance on some of the newer styles of helmets. We now have a world where Cascade, Warrior, and STX are all bringing new looks to the game, but how do they stack up against each other?

On top of the type of helmet being used, the design process is just as important as any helmet can look awful with poor design. I decided to pick my favorite colleges wearing each of the three brands previously mentioned to show the best options that brand has to offer when the helmet is done right.

STX Rival Helmet Favorite:  University of North Carolina

UNC brings my favorite Rival design by far, specifically in their chrome colorway helmet. This helmet has all the design elements that bring a more intense look to the helmet rather than some of the more basic colorways that other schools have.

The UNC chrome helmet brings a large menacing Tar Heel logo on the side of the helmet while adding an argyle stripe down the center of the helmet.  The helmet also features a blue chin piece, further adding the color variations in the helmet giving it a more explosive look.

Cascade XRS Favorite: University of Maryland 

The University of Maryland has been extremely dominant on the field this year and they have not missed a beat in the helmet department either. This is one of the best helmets in college lacrosse.

Maryland’s red XRS with the waving Maryland flag print across the side in my favorite look of the season.  The helmet features a red body that is then paired with white accents across the helmet. The helmet has a white chin, white facemask, and the flag has touches of white throughout as well.  The white paired against the red backdrop creates an amazing look that pairs well with talent on the field. 

Warrior Rival Helmet Favorite: University of Virginia

The University of Virginia brings a clean white rival with lots of blue accent touches that flow nicely with the overall look. 

For starters, the intersecting sword logo on the visor of the helmet is a great touch. While it is small, they have it on every helmet and its another subtle yet nice tribute to the Cavalier’s brand. 

On a larger scale, the side of the helmet features a white and blue designed Cavalier figure as well. This figure however is a much larger tribute to the Cavalier brand and the meaning behind it. Lastly the backs of the helmets feature the word “HOOS” in big bold letters, one final touch to rep the brand at max capacity. 

The helmet is finished off with a blue chin piece, the final touch to complete the overall blue and white color theme and many would agree it pairs much better with the helmet rather than a basic white chin would have.