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Best Lacrosse Player Ryan Powell Team USA 2010 World Champs lacrosse

How To Become The Best Lacrosse Player

Syracuse lacrosse legend Ryan Powell explains what it takes to become the best lacrosse player on the field.

Editor’s note: Are you doing everything you can to become the best lacrosse player you can be? In the spirit of the high school lacrosse season starting up across North America, we’re pleased to revisit this piece by Ryan Powell.

Am I doing everything I can do to become the best player that I can be?

When you start to set goals for yourself in the sport of lacrosse, it’s important to ask yourself that question. It certainly isn’t easy to become the best – it requires a lot of hard work!

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In the video below, I explain why I think your future as a lacrosse player is totally up to you… Here’s a hint: it all starts with lacrosse education, not recruiting tournaments.

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