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Southeast Summer Lacrosse Tournaments
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The Best Summer Lacrosse Tournaments: SOUTHEAST

Editor’s noteOver the next few days, we’re shedding light on the best summer lacrosse tournaments in each region of the United States. We’ll break down the details of each tournament and tell you what you need to know. Don’t agree with us? You’re cordially invited to share your two cents in the comments section below!

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Bump and Grind

Dates: January 24-26 (Editor’s note: Because it’s always Summer in Florida!)
Location: Mills Pond Park, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Divisions: Men’s Elite, Men’s Masters, Women’s
Atmosphere: Get the snow off your gear and rust out of your game because this tournament has high level lacrosse that you are going to want to be prepared for. After the games, the tournament has a night packed with some of Fort Lauderdale’s best nightspots, so be ready to have a great weekend!
Cost: $500-$900 (Team)

Things You Should Know: Hotels are on the beach front. The fields are good quality. The airport is easily accessible. When you get done with games and still have some energy, make your way to Las Olas Boulevard where there are tons of diverse restaurants and little stores to go shopping in. If you are feeling energy drained and just want to relax, you could go to Fort Lauderdale Beach and enjoy the sun, sand, and water for the rest of the day! If the Everglades is something you want to see, this could be the time to do it as well!

Our Two Cents: The location of the fields and hotels are perfect for a good get away vacation once the games are done for the day. Then you can choose to go out with everyone or stay at your hotel for a relaxing night on the beach! Either way, you’re going to have a great night!

To register for the Bump and Grind lacrosse tournament, visit

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Mardi Gras

Dates: February 21-23 (Editor’s note: See “Atmosphere” below for good reason why we think February in New Orleans sounds a lot like summer!)
Location: New Orleans City Park, Louisiana
Divisions: Men’s and Women’s College Club and Post Collegiate
Atmosphere: There is a good mix at the MGLT (see all our previous coverage here), from lacrosse college teams (often NCLL and GLLL) to men’s club teams, you’ll find a wide range of ages and talents. Everyone is there to have a good time, but the games can get heated. Since its New Orleans, some teams come to party while others come to play. While it has been known to rain, the weather is usually warm enough that it doesn’t matter much. Kids from Wisconsin think 60 degrees or higher is warm in February, and they’re right! It’s a great first tourney of the spring and an awfully fun time filled with food, drinks, and some quality local vendors. Teams from all over (Salt Shakerz, UVA club, Texas, Wisconsin, etc) and its a great chance to meet new people in our community.
Cost: $750-$850 (Team)

Things You Should Know: There is a party for the tournament that charges a $20 cover at the door. You get unlimited beers and well drinks for 3 hours between 8-11PM and sandwiches are provided. With Bud Light as one of the tournament sponsors there is guaranteed fun for adults throughout the tournament.

Our Two Cents: Go to NOLA and have fun. Meet the wonderful people of the NOLC (Connor’s brother is part of the club), and enjoy the relatively laid back atmosphere. Slash some people on the field, and then go catch up by the beer truck. While there is drinking, its also a family affair, and lots of little kids can be seen running around. The kids are sober! New Orleans is a different town, and experiencing lacrosse there is a definite treat.

To register for the Mardi Gras lacrosse tournament, visit

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US Lacrosse Southeast Championships

Dates: June 6-8
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Divisions: Boys U13 & U15, Girls U13 &U15
Atmosphere: This is one of the premier lacrosse tournaments in the South. Raleigh is perfect year-round so playing lax in June in North Carolina is always ideal.

Things You Should Know: Located at a first class venue with trained officials and coverage from Lacrosse Magazine and There’s a vendor village with concessions, and each team gets 4 games guaranteed. The top four teams in the U15 division receive automatic invitations to the U15 National Championships in Aurora, Colorado.

Our Two Cents: This tournament is definitely a good one to look into if your kid is addicted to the game. There is bound to be some competition since it’s a qualifier for the National Championships in Aurora, plus US Lacrosse events are typically done right. Bring your A game and compete for you chance to earn a birth in the National Championships!

To register for the US Lacrosse Southeast Championships lacrosse tournament, visit

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Summer Jam

Dates: June 7-8
Location: Marietta, Georgia
Divisions: Boys U9 A & B, U11 A & B, U13 A & B, U15 A & B, HS A & B
Atmosphere: This tournament is going to be competitive once the brackets begin at least. With so many teams this is a massive event and should be a great time!
Cost: $750-$1250

Things You Should Know: Your team is guaranteed 4 games. There is a vendor village. This is the biggest lacrosse tournament in Georgia and has been for the past few years – 148 teams participate this year. The competition is good at this tournament. If you’re only going to participate in one over the Summer, this might be the one for your team.

Our Two Cents: Sounds like a great tournament to compete against some high quality teams in the region!

To register for the Summer Jam lacrosse tournament, visit

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River City Rivalry

Dates: June 21-22
Location: Decatur, Alabama
Divisions: U11, U13, U15, High school
Atmosphere: The goal of the tournament directors is to provide teams with a fun and memorable experience while keeping it professional. This will have a serious on the field experience, along with a fun and laid back time between games.
Cost:$700-$1100 (Team)

Things You Should Know: You’re guaranteed 4 games. The fields are all turf and in great shape, plus they’re lit up for night games! After all the games are done for the day, Decatur has lots of activities to do for every kind of person. If you like the outdoors, you can head over to Wheeler Wildlife Refuge. If you brought the family there is the Point Mallard Waterpark that the kids would enjoy for sure! There is a $10 parking fee for the tournament.

Our Two Cents: While we’ve never attended, we’ve spent enough time in Alabama to know that when you go, you’re going to get a very hospitable experience!!

To register for the River City Rivalry lacrosse tournament, visit

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Big Easy Classic

Dates: June 28-29
Location: Pelican Park, Mandeville, Louisiana
Divisions: 2018s-2023s, High school A & B, Men’s Division
Atmosphere:Competitive atmosphere along with a family setting. With all the fields in one location, the atmosphere and experience is second to none for the players and fans.
Cost:$800-$1200 (Team)

Things You Should Know: Designed to be one of the biggest tournaments in the South. The tournament is placed right outside of New Orleans at a complex with turf fields that are well taken care of.

Our Two Cents: If this tournament is as big as it says its going to be, it will definitely be a good tournament. Not to mention, it is a little cheaper than some of the other tournaments in the area.

To register for the Big Easy Classic lacrosse tournament, visit

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Southern Shootout

Dates: July 12-13
Location: Allen Creak Soccer Park, Gainesville, Georgia
Divisions: U11, U13, U15, U17, U19
Atmosphere:This is a highly competitive tournament with teams bringing their best talent and teamwork to try and claim a spot in the national tournament in Florida.
Cost:$1100-$1550 (Team)

Things You Should Know:This is a very serious tournament. The teams that are going to compete the the title are ones that practice regularly and have been together before this summer. The winner at each division receives an automatic qualifier for the National Championships in Florida. The Outside the tournament, there is plenty to do from playing mini golf to visiting the Olympic venue for canoeing and kayaks.

Our Two Cents: This is one of the best tournaments to go to in the South for competition purposes. You’re going to see some of the best teams in the region as they try to get a spot in the national tournament. If your team has what it takes to play at the highest level, definitely consider this tournament to show everyone in the region what you’re all about!

To register for the Southern Shootout lacrosse tournament, visit

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Blue Ridge Classic

Dates: July 25-27
Location: Asheville, North Carolina
Divisions: Men’s A & B, Masters, Women’s
Atmosphere: This is a big tournament with 20+ teams and each division is competitive within itself. A great chance to play lacrosse all day, then at night you can go downtown and enjoy live music, beer, and Asheville itself.
Cost: $400-$700 (Team)

Things You Should Know: First deposit of $300 is due by July 1st, then the rest by July 15th. There are 3 different division for men to keep the competition up in each one. If you’re an outdoors person, Asheville has tons of things you can do once games are over from hiking to scenic drives of the Great Smoky Mountains. If you feel like staying in the city though, Asheville has plenty of activities like listening to live music at the club, going on art walks, or enjoying great food! If you bring the family with you, there are water adventures to go on, attractions to see, and outdoor adventures to experience!

Our Two Cents: While we’ve never personally attended, this tournament looks sweet!

To register for the Blue Ridge Classic lacrosse tournament, visit

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Dick’s Sporting Goods Tournament of Champions

Dates:December 29-31
Location: Wesley Chapel, Florida (Editor’s note: Because it’s always Summer in Florida!)
Divisions: Boys U11, U13, U15, Rising Stars and Elite
Atmosphere: This tournament brings the best of the best to one location. This is THE tournament you want to be at. No other tournament is going to have as good of teams at it. If you don’t take this seriously you are going to get put in your place.
Cost: $1450-$1850

Things You Should Know: The only guaranteed way to get into this tournament is to win one of the qualifying tournaments otherwise you must contact the tournament for a chance to get a spot in it. Your team is guaranteed 5 games, and probably against teams that will be very competitive.

Our Two Cents: Featuring the best teams from around the nation, you aren’t going to find better competition anywhere else this time of year. If your team is able to qualify and get a spot, we say GO!

For more information on the Dick’s Sporting Good Tournament of Champions lacrosse tournament, visit

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Do you think there’s a lacrosse tournament missing from this list? Please feel free to share information by commenting below using the same format (i.e. Dates, Location, Atmosphere, etc) as above. We look forward to hearing YOUR two cents!