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Best Summer Lacrosse Tournaments: Southwest
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The Best Summer Lacrosse Tournaments: SOUTHWEST

Editor’s noteOver the next few days, we’re shedding light on the best summer lacrosse tournaments in each region of the United States. We’ll break down the details of each tournament and tell you what you need to know. Don’t agree with us? You’re cordially invited to share your two cents in the comments section below!

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Jam by the Sea

Dates: March 22-23 (Editor’s note: Because it’s always Summer in San Diego!)
Location: San Diego, California
Divisions: U13 Boys, U15 Boys, U17 Boys, U19 Boys and Girls, Men and Women’s Open, Men’s Masters (30-40), Men’s Super-Masters (40+)
Cost: $1,300 (Team)
Atmosphere: Perfect weather for springtime lacrosse near the ocean is never something to complain about, and that is exactly what you get at Jam by the Sea. It cuts in to some region’s Spring seasons, but if you’re schedule will allow for it, jamming by the sea sounds like a good time to me!

Things you should know: The Jam by the Sea is a long running lacrosse tournament in Southern California that features top notch lacrosse from the youth to adult levels. The tourney has been known to boast both professional playing and officiating talent, so your lacrosse experience has a good chance of being top shelf. There is parking on site this year, but you will have to pay a daily fee for each vehicle you bring.

Our Two Cents: The Jam by the Sea in San Diego is partnered with the Relay For Life program, which raises money for cancer research. Six thousand dollars were raised year, and the goal for 2014 is set at $10,000. If you can play lacrosse in San Diego, and do it for a good cause, you have no excuse not to go!

To register for Jam by the Sea lacrosse tournament, visit

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Adrenaline Stars & Stripes Festival

Dates: June 7, 8:00am-5:00pm
Location: Capistrano Valley High School — Mission Viejo, CA
Divisions: Boys U9, U11, U13, U15
Cost: $1,000 (Team), or $925 per team if you teams in multiple divisions
Atmosphere: The Adrenaline Stars and Stripes Festival precedes the Adrenaline All-American game. You are guaranteed three games in one day, as well as player clinics hosted by the Adrenaline All-Americans. This is a laid back tournament held to help educate you about the game of lacrosse.

Things you should know: Adrenaline festivals and events are run with the highest level of professionalism and often boast some of the most talented players in the country, too. That’s certainly the case here! Players competing in or fans attending the Stars & Stripes event are also welcomed to watch the Adrenaline All-American game. The game features some of the best high school players in the West, many of whom will soon move on to play NCAA lacrosse.

Our Two Cents: If you can get to this event, do it! Ask around and you’ll find it’s a staple for many Southern California lacrosse fans, so we think it’s worth adding to your bucket list. Sure, the Adrenaline All-American game can be watched online, but there’s nothing quite like experiencing it first-hand!

To register for the Adrenaline Stars & Stripes Festival visit

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Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament

Dates: July 18, 19, 20 (Boys U19); July 25, 26, 27 (Men’s Open, Men’s Masters)
Location: Incline Village, Nevada
Cost: $1,200 per team (U19, Men’s Open); $800 per team (Masters)
Divisions: Boys U19 (July 18-20); Men’s Open, Men’s Masters (July 25-27); Women’s Open (July 26-27)
Atmosphere: Great weather, a fun yet competitive vibe, and plenty of access to one of the most beautiful lakes in the United States make this tourney a really good time! The competition is diverse and talented, and recreational activities available in the area help make it a worthwhile trip for the entire family.

Things you should know: Wear sunscreen because, when you’re up in the mountains, that beautiful bright yellow spot is strong! It’s never fun to be “that guy” who gets all burnt up on day one. That’s the worst. So, make you protect yourself by using sunscreen! Renting a car for yourself or a van for team travel are your best options in our book. You’ll be thankful you have a vehicle for getting to-and-from the lacrosse fields, grocery store, and beaches. There is a shuttle service available from Reno to the Hyatt in Incline Village for any one whose coming in later and chipping in to split the cost of your ride. 

Our Two Cents: Visiting Lake Tahoe and playing in the Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament is an experience that every lacrosse player should get. There’s just something about it that makes the weekend tournament an excellent adventure all around. Several of our LAS contributors have been attending it for years! Lots of good people, plenty of talent, and a fun lacrosse-loving atmosphere full of sun and camaraderie. This tournament is a blast!

To register for Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament, visit or for men’s and  for women’s.

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Tribzlacrosse California Showcase

Dates: August 2-3
Location: The Orange County Great Park, 6990 Marine Way Irvine, CA
Divisions: Boys and Girls U11, U13, U15, U17, U19, Open ages 19-36, Masters ages 37+
Cost: $1,500 (Team)
Atmosphere: Typically if you’re going to be playing lacrosse in Southern California, you can expect the weather to be outstanding. Not only that, but we heard the new field surfaces for this tournament are a dream. Food trucks are brought in so you can treat yourself to some local flavor or pick up the tab for the whole team. The lacrosse is good, the air is hot, and the bellies stay full at the Showcase.

Things you should know: Teams are guaranteed at least four games with 22-minute halves. Everyone competing in the TribzLacrosse California Showcase must be a member of US Lacrosse in order to participate (but who isn’t these days?!).

Our Two Cents: Obviously the lax will be good, but we were already sold on the food trucks on the sun!’s own Kevin Rowen played on Team TLN last year and he says he had the time of his life!

To register for the Tribzlacrosse California Showcase visit

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Las Vegas Lacrosse Showcaset

Dates: September 26-28 & November 7-9 (Editor’s note: Because it’s always Summer in Las Vegas…)
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Divisions & Costs:

  • Sept. 26-28 – Men’s: Open, Masters, Grand Masters; Women’s: Open/Collegiate – $1,350 per team
  • Nov 7-9 –  Boys: U13, U15, U17, U19; Girls: U19 – $1950 per team
  • Nov 8-9 – Best of the West College Tournament – $900 per team

Atmosphere: One way or another, win or lose on the lacrosse field, everyone on the team tends to have a good time in Las Vegas. Whether playing at the UNLV fields a block from the strip or Kellog Zaher Park, you’ll likely play on nice turf against some heavy competition.

Things you should know: Vegas can be spendy, so plan accordingly and be sure to take advantage of any tournament discounts available for lodging and/or nightlife. If you’re traveling to Vegas for the Men’s Open, Women’s Open, or greater, staying on the strip is always a fun experience. If you’re leading a youth or high school team, your best option is to stay as a team at the edge of or entirely off the strip. Trust us, it will make your life a little bit easier, and after a day or two parents will be glad they have somewhere away from the strip to call their homebase.

Our Two Cents: Tough competition on the field. Tough competition off it. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles in Las Vegas. There’s nothing else out there in the world of lacrosse that quite compares to the amount of luck you’ll need to totally win out in Vegas!

To register for the Las Vegas Lacrosse Showcase, visit

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Squaw Valley Laxtoberfest

Dates: September 27-28 (Editor’s note: Because it’s always Summer at Squaw Valley!)
Location: Olympic Valley, California
Divisions: Men’s Open (18+)
Cost: $550 (Team)
Atmosphere: Laxtoberfest is a fall favorite! The event is a family-friendly environment, and families are even encouraged to bring out their dogs for the weekend. A little Fall lacrosse in California with the whole family, the #laxdog and some cold brews? Ticket please!

Things you should know: If your team is looking to play at Laxtoberfest, a mandatory deposit of $275 is due by August 30th. Oktoberfest is also taking place right down the street so you can expect plenty of festivities for all ages over the course of the weekend.

Our Two Cents: This tournament is a bit more enticing for those 21 and over… Ah, the age old combination of lacrosse and beer. That said, it isn’t just a big party! There is plenty to do for all ages on site, and it’s a solid option for getting a quick vacation in with the family before Winter.

To register for Laxtoberfest lacrosse tournament, visit

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Hawaii Invitational Lacrosse Tournament

Dates: October 24-26 (Editor’s note: Because it’s always Summer in Hawaii!)
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Divisions: Men’s Elite (18+), Women’s Elite (18+), Men’s Masters (33+), Men’s Grand Masters (44+)
Cost: $1,350 (Early bird rate is $1,000)
Atmosphere: This tournament is one of the world’s premiere competitive lacrosse events! The Hawaii tourney is known for having top notch lacrosse accompanied by a great time in the Pacific sun once the games are over each day. You’ll be playing lacrosse in Hawaii… what else do you need to know? :)

Things you should know: The fields are located in the beautiful Kapiolani Park, which is the largest and oldest public park in Honolulu. The park is a fantastic location for a unique lacrosse experience. Teams are invited to luau and barbecue nightly to celebrate with each other, and on the last night, there is a big costume party to cap off the weekend in paradise.

Our Two Cents: Nothing is better than going to Hawaii, except going to Hawaii and being able to play lacrosse!

To register for Hawaii Lacrosse tournament, visit

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Think there’s a lacrosse tournament missing from this list? Please feel free to share information by commenting below using the same format (i.e. Dates, Location, Atmosphere, etc) as above. We look forward to hearing your Two Cents!