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Bill Tierney in Coach Cottle's Corner - Part 2
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Bill Tierney in Coach Cottle’s Corner, Part 2

Earlier this month we welcomed Coach Dave Cottle to the Lacrosse All Stars family with his new podcast “Coach Cottle’s Corner,” which provides insight into the game of lacrosse like never before. On episode one, Dave began a conversation with legendary coach Bill Tierney about his coaching past and the early days of his career. Today, they address college lacrosse recruiting.

Bill Tierney in Coach Cottle’s Corner, Part 2

In the second edition of Coach Cottle’s Corner, we hear Bill Tierney breakdown recruiting and roster management at Denver, what makes a good teammate, and why Denver plays more players than almost any other school.

“You Can win a division I game with 15 guys and you can win one with 30 guys, it just depends on your approach… and like we tell our guys here, if you can play, you will play.”

Bill Tierney

It’s not easy convincing players to wait their turn, to be good teammates, and help the team in other ways, but Coach Tierney provides great ways to keep those guys invested and excited to show up to practice everyday. There are specific actions a coach can take to make players, even those who don’t play much, feel valued.

Coach Cottle’s Corner

Cottle, currently president of Legendary Sports Group, has achieved four professional lacrosse championships, 22 NCAA Tournament appearances, and five NCAA Final Four appearances in his storied career as a lacrosse coach and innovator of the game.

Today’s Guest: Coach Bill Tierney

Bill Tierney

The first three episodes of Coach Cottle’s Corner go deep with legendary NCAA Division I lacrosse coach Bill Tierney, who currently leads the University of Denver men’s program. With seven national championships as a head coach, Coach Tierney knows more than a thing or two about recruiting, winning, and educating the best lacrosse players.

We hope you enjoy the second part of the show, and stay tuned for part three!

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