Blind Item: College Lacrosse Transfer Rumors

Blindfold man juggling knives Blind Item
Blind Item Booya!

It’s BLIND ITEM time!  We give you the hints, and you give us the answers!  Read the Blind Item in italics, and get to sleuthing!  Can you figure out the news before the official announcements are made?  Let’s get Insidery…

The NESCAC isn’t known for a lot of transfer flux, but one team seems to be rising while another is falling for just that very reason.  At least on paper.  We’ve got a starting attackman from a 2010 NCAA qualifier leaving School ‘X’, and two D1 transfers joining NESCAC School ‘Y’.  School ‘Y’ should be very happy with these “Ho-Ho” transfers.  This isn’t the first time a good player has left School ‘X’, and it’s not the first D1 transfer to School ‘Y’.

Think you can guess which schools or players are involved?  If you know your DIII lax, you just might!  This one is extra challenging, but also extra Insidery!  Get to it!

Blindfold man juggling knives Blind Item

Blind Item Booya!

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