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Blooper Reel: Dillon Ward’s Hidden Ball Trick

Dillon Ward made TLN’s NOT Top 10 of the week. Check out the Mammoth’s hidden ball trick.

Well TLN is calling this a NOT Top 10 Play, and I can’t disagree.

To give some context, the Mammoth weren’t doing so well at this point and then… magic!

I love the announcer’s commentary, too bad we couldn’t see the ref’s expressions that he is describing. I’m not sure what advantage a goalie would have to not shake the ball out, maybe some sub and breather time?

The Mammoth dropped this one 11-9 at home, they return to the Pepsi Center next Saturday vs. the powerful Roughnecks.

The night wasn’t all bad for Colorado, this happened…

It was a rough moment for the Knighthawk defense and definitely not a proud one for Dillon! If you have any mishaps or Not Top 10 worthy plays, make sure to send them to us!


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