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Brine Scores With Shootout, Free Mobile Lacrosse Game

The LAS office was abuzz this week with word of a new mobile game from Brine Lacrosse. Upon receiving the news from the leaders of the swag world in Warren, Michigan, we quickly downloaded it to our iPhones and the office iPad.

Brine Shootout

It turns out the new game is actually along the same lines as a concept we mapped out last Fall and hid beneath the LAS floorboards… which is full of “cool ideas that will never see the light of day.” We were elated to see that someone finally stepped up and created a mobile game for lacrosse fans to enjoy!

I may not be an avid gamer, but I do have a knack for downloading and “testing” out the hottest iPhone games. In my mind, a game is either 1) instantly addicting, 2) for waiting rooms only or 3) quickly forgotten.

Available on both iOS (Apple) and Android operating systems, Shootout is a mix between #1 and #2. It’s quite simple in concept and play, making it the perfect time killer for those dull moments throughout your day. Yet just like Doodle Jump, Angry Birds, or one of my favorites, Flick Soccer, it becomes very addicting from your first flick to the goal. And the best part? It’s FREE.

It’s a smooth branding play by Brine as mobile phones have quickly become the one off-field item a lacrosse player can’t live without. Shootout has the potential to land in the hands of lacrosse players worldwide, and naturally, they’ll carry it with them everywhere they go.

In a nutshell, Brine just earned face time with lacrosse players off the field. How many other lacrosse equipment companies can claim that? Check out the full review below!

Review: Shootout Mobile Game by Brine Lacrosse

The Shootout app is very user-friendly, and despite its free price, it has no advertisements other than Brine specific logos and product plugs. Brine gear pops up during the “loading” screen, but just like an EA Sports mobile game, the same loading screen usually contains a gamer tip or information about something cool you can unlock by obtaining a certain achievement.

Brine Mobile App Lacrosse Game
Simple main menu and side-scrolling venue selection


The game’s main menu is made up of four categories: Play, Equipment, Statistics, and Connect. While Play quickly launches gameplay, Equipment is where you are able to choose which head and shaft you want to use in your game. To unlock a piece of equipment, you must achieve a certain goal scoring streak level-by-level. Statistics gives you access to your personal stats (total goals, accuracy, streaks, etc) and allows you to see how you match up against top scores from across the world.


The first thing I always do when I turn on a mobile game: silence the music. While you can easily choose to do that in Shootout, it turns out the only real noise from the game is a crowd cheering during actual gameplay. There is no audio on the menu screen, during loading or in any other parts of the game, and I really appreciate this.

Brine Mobile App Lacrosse Game
The loading screen features Brine product, initial gameplay is easy.


The game is super simple. Just aim and flick. Before you start scoring though, you have to pick your play area. There are four levels available: Backyard, High School, College, and Pro.

To beat each level you have to score 50 goals. Easy right? Not so fast there, hot shot. At first, the game is pretty easy and in Backyard you don’t even have a goalie for most of your session. However, as you move up in your total number of goals and the timer runs out, the difficulty of each level increases.

Brine Mobile App Lacrosse Game
To earn new equipment, you must score over 60 goals per level

As difficulty increases, the goalie starts to move side to side, then a defender is added and he starts to move too, then another, and guess what? He moves too. Pretty soon, the Pro level is looking like a distant dream!

To help you hit top cheese or low pie, you earn power points for every goal you make. Slowly but surely, the sidebar meter charges up to full, allowing you to take a Power Shot. This baby can knock down anything in its path.

Brine Mobile App Lacrosse Game
As the game’s difficulty increases, the app introduces your Power Meter… Can you shoot 76 in 2:39?

Future Improvements

My guess is that Brine will be releasing more levels in the future, just like they’ll add new products to the Equipment section as they gear up for 2013. If the game is well received by the lacrosse playing masses, I’m crossing my fingers for improved graphics and some sort of multiplayer function as well.

Overall, I believe Shootout is a welcome addition to the lives of lacrosse players, and I love that this forward-thinking innovation came from a company founded way back in 1922. Simple concept, solid execution, and no cost to the player – Brine Lacrosse continues to lead the way!

Download here: Brine Shootout Lacrosse Game