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Cajun’s Corner – Championship Weekend In Louisiana

Knox Hutchinson is back with anohter Cajun’s Corner where he covers Louisiana State Championships, the All-State game and more! Tons of video, photos and informational lacrosse updates from the Sportsman’s Paradise!

Championship Weekend in Louisiana

A championship match/game/race/etc is American. It’s a true testament to an individual’s or group’s hard work, and a culmination of their career. Most people in a championship match have a story. A story about when they started their sport, how hard they worked at it, and how grateful they are to be there.

The Louisiana lacrosse championship weekend finally arrived, and I was Johnny on the spot. The games were played at St Thomas More High School in Lafayette, La.

After lop-sided wins by both Brother Martin and St Thomas More (STM), the two teams were set to square off the next day in the Championship game.


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BUT FIRST, the Louisiana High School Lacrosse All Star Game

A salute to all those who made All State, Conference, or Honorable Mention, everyone with the honor was invited to play in the All Star game.

Jarred Hatfield (All State middie), Dalton Bailey (All Conference Attack), and Brandt Latino (All Conference Hon. Mention Defense) were invited to play for the East All Stars. Then Devin Bourque was invited to play for the West because they didn’t have enough players – STM players didn’t want to risk injury or fatigue before the big show. Can’t blame them for that.

Oh, the All Star jerseys were freaking sweet, too.

Left to right: Jarred, Knox, Devin, Brandt, Dalton
Brandt and Dalton
Try and tell me we can't grow the game here.
A good look at West jerseys
Another good look at West jerseys

The short-handed West All Stars won this game. Loyola’s Austin Melson  and Austin Mathias played out of their minds, but that’s what you would expect from them. In the East, Bryan Kitto had an outstanding game, as did Drake Arnold. Again, that’s to be expected.

Dalton Bailey hit his low to high, top corner shot again. So all the haters who said it was a weak shot, or the goalie wasn’t skilled, should remain silenced. This was against an All State goalie (Loyola’s) and an All Conference D-pole.

Then the Championship Game

After watching Brother Martin destroy Byrd (yes, my prediction was way off), I was hoping this would be a close game. The Brother Martin defense has, in my opinion, the most talented Dpoles in the state in Eric Giessman, Matt Barrie, and Jace Owens. Unreal stick skill from these guys, and loaded with aggression.

Still, the STM offense, ran by the LHSLL MVP Saban Sellers, Hunter Stinson, and ridiculous middie Ashton Langlinais , proved too much for the Brother Martin defense.

It was a landslide victory. I actually left when STM was up 15-4 in the fourth quarter. Here’s some footage I got of the game

Congrats to the STM Cougars. They have certainly earned their place at the top.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”2011 Louisiana Lacrosse Championship clips”]



As promised, here’s more highlight video from our season.

This was a great win over the Lafayette Lions. Our attack played outstanding, as well as goalie Matt Ringe. Clearing was our weakest aspect going into this game. LOTS of practice clearing went down the week before, and it showed.

Final: Dutchtown win, 16-8

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Dutchtown vs Lafayette Lacrosse Highlights”] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We got him!

In a celebration of freedom from the architect of the 2001 attack on America, I’d like to remind you how great your life and country really are. Note that I’m not celebrating the killing of man – more the celebration of justice and liberation from terror.

We get to participate in sports – not just lacrosse – and compete to win something, all in good sportsmanship. Women are free to participate in sports, too. Kind of funny reading that, right? We get to practice, we get to work hard, and we get to have fun. Think about that for a minute. It’s so easy to take practice for granted. There are plenty of countries in the world where you wouldn’t work hard at something, or practice, simply because you would fear going outside.


We feel safe within our country’s borders. Safe enough to go to these sports venues to watch or play, and know that our armed forces are protecting us, fighting for us, fighting for our country’s ideals.

There’s a reason why the Star Spangled Banner plays before every sporting event. Be grateful for the United States of America. Be patriotic.

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