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Caption Contest: Whatcha Looking For Stix?

This Week’s Caption Contest…

Last weekend at the Outlaws game, Stix the Raccoon was having a blast watching his Outlaws crush the Machine. But as with most wild animals, his primal instinct took over when he came across a very tempting trash can.

LaxAllStars Caption Contest

Photo Credit: Krieg Shaw

With our new member updates, now YOU choose who wins. Each Friday, the caption with the most ‘awesomes’ will be selected as our winner. So get your friends to sign-up and let’s pick the best caption!

The Most ‘Awesomes’ wins!


Last Week’s Winner…

Last week’s Caption Contest winner is ORlax! Ahhh, we see what you did there!


ORlax – Send us your mailing address and we’ll hook it up!

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