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Chris Boushy
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Chris Boushy – Athlete Spotlight

Meet the only NLL player, that we know of, who was born on the African continent. That’s not the only thing that makes Chris Boushy interesting, though. Get to know the Thunderbird better ahead of Friday’s podcast appearance.


Why did you attend Queens?

My dad went to Queens, didn’t get many NCAA looks, so I decided to apply and cross my fingers to get in. Luckily I did.

One of your fondest lacrosse memories?

Winning the WLA title in 2019 with Victoria and playing in a Mann Cup. Didn’t win, but wow, that was a moment I dreamed of for a long time.

Chris Boushy

How do you get started playing lacrosse?

Friend of mine in tyke hockey told my parents to get me to play lacrosse. I was a chubby kid. They thought I could maybe use the additional running in the summer time. 

Coolest location you’ve ever played in a game?

I think San Diego for me was the coolest. I had never been to California, so just to see that side of the U.S. was really interesting.

One place you’d still love to watch a game.

I think Minnesota. From what I saw growing up on TV, the Swarm had a great turnout, and Minnesota seems to have a great lacrosse following.

Fun fact about yourself

I have played the drums since I was 9 years old and learned every song front to back on the Rush Greatest Hits album (big Neil Peart fan).

How are you currently involved in lacrosse?

Starting South Africa’s first lacrosse programs, professional player for the Halifax Thunderbirds.

Piece of advice for young players?

Never let the outside pressures of the sport affect your love for it. Your love will take you through the highs and lows. The game will always be there for you.

Who was your lacrosse mentor and why?

Dan Macrae. Now the captain of the Riptide, he was my first captain when I played for Calgary in 2019. He was also my coach in Junior for the Burlington Chiefs for two years. He’s seen me develop at every level and he’s been my hardest critic but best mentor, and I am glad to call him a dear friend.

Craziest thing a coach has ever said to you?

“If you shoot another side arm, I’m going to burn that stick over an open flame.” – Blaine McCauley (he was right, though)

Follow Chris

Instagram: @chrisboushy
Twitter: @Boush_18

Listen Friday on the Going Offsides podcast!