Italian Lacrosse
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Coach Cibe: Italy Lacrosse November Update

Editor’s Note: Coach Cibe is back with his monthly update on Italy Lacrosse! I hope everyone is ready to lax and to follow Coach Cibe’s news from Italy. It’s shaping up to be another great season of Italian Lacrosse.

Photo Credit: Muriel Geroli

November has been a quiet month in Italy, the weather has been unusually sunny and warm, which is unexpected but great for playing lacrosse. It helped the Italian Championships see 4 very spectacular matches played this month.

Sunday, November the 10th

Red Hawks Merate 12 – 8 Phoenix Perugia

This match, between Merate and Perugia, was very intense and had one peculiarity: Perugia’s new goalie, Stefano Giozzi. Stefano, until July this year, was the goalie for Merate, and this switch added extra motivation to the Merate players who won one of the most important matches of the year.

Saturday, November the 16th

Bocconi Sport Team 13 – 9 Roma Leones

After the Italian Cup final, Bocconi played another very good match against the Leones, showing that the new coach and new rookies have lived up to expectations. Bocconi keeps up their winning ways!

Sunday, November the 17th

Torino Lacrosse Taurus 2 – 16 Roma Leones

Sunday, November the 24 th

Phoenix Perugia 16 – 1 San Marino Titans

At the end of the month the overall standings are:

  • Roma Leones and Red Hawks Merate 12 points (both having played 4 matches)
  • Bocconi Sport Team 6 points (2 matches played)
  • Phoenix Perugia 3 points (3 matches played)
  • Bologna Sharks (2 matches played), Torino Taurus (2) and San Marino Titans (4) all with 0 points.

Four more matches will be played in December, then Italian lacrosse will rest until February for its winter break.


Stay tuned to LAS for more updates on Italy Lacrosse each month of the year, and check out for weekly posts and tips on how to improve your game.