Con Bro Chill launches fundraiser for next ridiculous music video

Con Bro Chill Kickstarter Fundraiser

This just in from Roger Brochill:

Con Bro Chill has launched a fundraising campaign to help them record new music for a FREE EP and produce their next ridiculous music video. Watch the video below for more information, then be sure to check out their Kickstarter page if you’re interested in pledging. The “Supertron Mega Boom” pledge is our personal favorite!

Are you a fan of Con Bro Chill’s music? Let us know by casting your vote below, or head to the brand new LAS Community Forum to sound off and share your two cents.

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Con Bro Chill Kickstarter Fundraiser

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  • Why is this on a lacrosse website? Does Connor Martin even play lacrosse anymore? Since lacrosse is a sport that is not yet on par with other big sports, we as representatives of the game need to display our passion and skills in a more professional manner as often as possible if we ever want to “catch up” to the other sports. The juvenile and goofy flow society ads, along with the “lax bro” mentality (see Trevor Tierney’s take, takes away from the legitimacy of lacrosse as a real sport.

    I’m not saying guys can’t have hair sticking out of their helmets, or that you shouldn’t be allowed to wear colorful and fun gear. I’m simply saying that, whether it’s fair or not, perception is reality. Let’s do our best make sure lacrosse is perceived be others positively.

  • It’s on the website because a portion of the LAS audience supports Connor and/or listens to his music. We thought those people would be interested in helping him and his band chase their dream.

    Whether or not you enjoy him or his antics, Connor certainly has created a groundswell amongst young lacrosse players – some of whom have even been inspired to chase their own dreams, whether it be in lacrosse or down another creative avenue. Connor also hosts a number of affordable lacrosse clinics across the US in his off time and volunteers a lot of his time to serving others, which to me means he’s a game grower regardless of how long his hair is or if we all like his music.

    Spend a few minutes with Connor Martin and your perception of him might change drastically. He’s a smart and talented kid and, just like the many of us reading this, he’s also a product of the lacrosse community.

  • I’m sure CM is a great human being. I’d love to spend some time with him and shoot the breeze. I have no doubt that he is an intelligent and talented guy. I take no issue with anything that you said. If CM hosts lacrosse clinics and volunteer his time, I would love to hear about it on LAS. I would love to read about his volunteer efforts. I think his long hair looks cool. (actually being a bald guy, I’m a little jealous)

    I’d like to simply restate the main point of my post. I think that LAS should be about lacrosse, after all, it is in the name. Second, when lacrosse is discussed by those of us most passionate about it, it should be presented as a real sport that requires the same amount of sacrifice and hard work as any other sport.

  • when lacrosse is discussed by those of us most passionate about it, it should be presented as a real sport that requires the same amount of sacrifice and hard work as any other sport.

    I really like that line!
    Maybe it’s because I know him, maybe it’s the fact we both played in the MCLA, but I do think that the news of Connor’s fundraiser is relevant to LAS and the greater lacrosse community. That said, we will certainly take your feedback into consideration as we move LAS forward. I’m grateful you’ve shared your opinion!

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