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Concordia Irvine Can’t Be Stopped: MCLA Week 9 Recap

There is no denying that MCLA lacrosse doesn’t receive the amount of coverage that it deserves. In effort to fix this issue, Lacrosse All Stars has partnered up with the Varsity Club Lacrosse team to cover everything MCLA this season.

This coverage will include game recaps, program interviews, and of course gear reviews.

Following up his last MCLA article, Andrew Golden is back getting us caught up on last week’s games.

DISCLAIMER: Each team’s national ranking is based on what it was at the time the game was played and may/are not up to date with the most recent rankings released.

Wednesday, March 30th

#1 BYU: 15

#21 Utah Valley: 8

BYU clinches at least a spot in the RMLC Tournament a most likely the No.1 seed behind outstanding performances from Mason Moon (22S, 73%), Alton Taylor (3G), and Seth Garff (1G, 3A). Utah Valley must win against Texas in order to have a chance of making the RMLC Tournament. They still have a very good at-large resume if not.  

#23 (DII) Northwest Nazarene: 28

Pacific Lutheran: 0

Rayce Neill wins 25 FO’s while going 100%, Austin Stutz (5G, 5A) and CJ Runner (3G, 3A) led the scoring. The Nighthawks are 2-0 in the PNCLL and await their final conference game against undefeated College of Idaho on 4/23. 

Thursday, March 31st 

#5 (DII) Dayton: 11

Miami (OH): 7

Flyers get their third straight DI win behind Quinn Thompson (3G) and Eric Weber (3G). They finish their season next week against St. Thomas and Minn-Duluth. Noah Bowers (86% FO), Alex Morris (2G), and Andrew Green (2G) played well for Miami. They have huge UMLC games next against Purdue and IU. 

#3 (DII) College of Idaho: 26

Pacific Lutheran: 0

The Yotes only have around 12 non-goalie players, but it seems like anyone of them can put up double-digit point games at anytime. This game it was Parker Archuleta (4G, 8A) and Loy Howard (4G, 8A). Their defense let up 5 shots and has under 5 goals allowed per game. 

#4 (DII) Rhode Island: 15

#24 (DII) Bridgewater State: 10

Most likely a preview of the CLC DII Tournament Championship. Keegan Reilly (4G) played well as usual for the Rams. Devin Sorin (3G, 2A) and Nick McKenna (3G, 1A) led the Bears offense. URI takes sole possession of first place. 

Friday, April 1st 

#12 (DII) Montana: 12

#23 (DII) Northwest Nazarene: 7

Montana with their fourth ranked DII win of the season. Brody Stevens (2G, 2A), Justin Renk (6GB, 1G), and Peter Curran (3G) all played well. Hunter Stratford (6GB) and Hayden Diggins (3G) played well for NNU. Both teams are still undefeated on their respective sides of the PNCLL. 

#2 Concordia Irvine: 19

Texas Christian: 2

CUI just continues to dominate this season and three goalies went in and played very well. Cade Poe (11GB) and Andrew Buckley (6G) also played well. Eagles are in sole possession of first place in the SLC and have games against Arizona, SDSU, and Chapman remaining. 

#11 South Carolina: 18

#22 Georgia: 12

USC gets a huge SELC North win behind Gunnar Wilson (4G, 2A), Dermot Quinn (2G, 2A), and Will Frith (73%, 15GB, 2G). Georgia finished 2-2 in the SELC North. If the Gamecocks beat Vanderbilt and Alabama next week, they’ll jump UGA and finish second in the division.

#16 Chapman: 9

#24 Colorado: 8

Big out-of-conference game that will be looked for when the MCLA National Tournament selection time comes around. The game was back and forth each quarter, but ultimately Chapman takes it Overtime. Chapman has four huge SLC games left against SDSU, UCLA, USC, and Concordia. Colorado has a chance to clinch a spot in the RMLC tournament next week if they beat Texas.

Saint John’s: 8

#16 (DII) Minnesota Duluth: 4

The Johnnies get the upset behind the outstanding play of Jake McCarthy (18S, 90%) as well as Quinn Marple (3G, 1A). Connor Nadeau (2G) played well for the Bulldogs. The UMLC DII is anyone’s to win as usual. 

New Hampshire: 8

#13 Boston College: 7

UNH gets a huge upset and clinch the No.1 seed in the CLC. Raphael Gaughan (5GB) and Zachary Keating (3G, 1A) played well for the Wildcats. Both of these teams have a good chance to make the MCLA National Tournament whether it be AQ or at-large.  

#7 (DII) Grand Valley State: 13

#10 (DII) North Dakota State: 4

Grand Valley gets a dominating UMLC DII win with Ethan Johns (4G, 3A) and Luke Tardich (5A) leading the offense. Both of these have a good shot to get in whether AQ or at-large. 

Saturday, April 2nd 

#15 Arizona State: 13

#12 Southern California: 12

Arizona State gets a huge SLC win to stay in playoff contention. Braden Rome (3G, 1A), Derek Walaitis (3G), and Jack Rogers (4A) played well for ASU while Antoine Moats (5G) was the star for the Trojans. USC has Chapman and rival UCLA left while ASU has Grand Canyon and rival Arizona left. The SLC playoffs should come down to the wire. Both teams have sold at-large resumes as well.  

#19 Grand Canyon: 9


Nick Whittall (4G) and Liam Reid (1G, 5A) played well for GCU and keep the Lopes SLC playoff hopes alive. If they win out against ASU and Arizona, they have a solid chance of making it. UCLA has been elimanted from SLC playoff contention. 

#7 Grand Valley State: 12

Saint John’s: 6

GVSU gets another UMLC DII win on the weekend in dominating fashion once again. Steven Payter (3G) and Luke Tardich (2G, 2A) played well for the Lakers while Jack Senden (6GB) and Jake McCarthy (22S, 65%) played well for the Johnnies. 

UC Santa Barbara: 10

#10 Santa Clara: 7

Not only is this a huge upset for the Gauchos but it also greatly improves their chances of making the WCLL playoffs. Kevin Shvodian (17S, 71%) and Ethan Ro (2G, 3A) played well for UCSB. Gauchos have Stanford and Cal Poly left to play. Santa Clara needs to win against Stanford to get a spot.  

#6 California: 17

Sonoma State: 7

James Bernicke (6G, 1A) and Jacob Steensma (6G, 2A) went off for Cal and helped put them in first of the WCLL. Kieran Fara (2G, 1A) and Donnie Schulte (2G) played well for Sonoma State. The Seawolves need to beat Dominican or Nevada to keep their MCLA playoff hopes alive. 

#7 Georgia Tech: 15

#25 Florida State: 9

Pierce Quarles (4G) and Devin Raun played well for Georgia Tech as they get their third ranked win on the season. Dylan Barnes (2G) and Alexander Gerdak (2G) played well for FSU. GT has clinched first in SELC North and FSU has a chance to clinch first of the South with a win over Florida next week. 

#11 (DII) Florida Gulf Coast: 10

Miami: 9

Carter Ayers and Christian Cucinotta each had a hattrick and Grant Shafer (19S, 68%) played well in net for FGCU. Robert Westwater III (3G, 2A) played well for Miami. FCGU takes first in the SELC South. Miami clinches a spot in the SELC DII tournament with a win over Florida Poly. 

#10 (DII) North Dakota State: 8

#16 (DII) Minnesota Duluth: 7

NDSU win a close one showing just how competitive the UMLC DII is. Five different players recorded points for the Bulldogs. 

#24 (DII) Bridgewater State: 9

Central Connecticut: 6

Bears get their third CLC DII win behind Tim Keefe (5G, 2A) and Jake Lynch (3A). Jacob Conran (19S, 68%), Ryan Mikosz (2G), and Ryder Wink (2G) played well for CCSU. 

#9 (DII) Montana State: 8

#12 (DII) Montana: 6

MSU takes the Brawl of the Wild this year. Both teams look to win their respective conferences and also make a run at the MCLA National Tournament too. Ethan Zwickey (73%, 16S) and Jonathan Serrell (3G) played well for the Bobcats and Hunter Heaston (23S, 74%) and Miles Hess (2G) played well for the Grizzlies. 

#15 (DII) UC San Diego: 10

Claremont: 9

UC San Diego comes away with a close one against an SLC opponent. Gabriel Brewster (2G, 2A) and Austin Ortel (1G, 5A) played well for the Tritons. Zack Majd (3G, 1A) and Sebastian McCullough (2G, 1A) played well for Claremont. 

Sunday, April 3rd 

#7 (DII) Grand Valley State: 15

#16 (DII) Minnesota Duluth: 10

GVSU goes 3-0 against UMLC DII opponents on the weekend and clinch at least second place in UMLC DII East in the process. Stephen Koenigsknecht (4G, 2A) and Luke Tardich (3G, 2A) stood out for the Lakers. Trevor Dummer (3G) and Matthew Friesen (3G) played well for the Bulldogs.

#2 (DII) St. Thomas: 15

#14 Missouri State: 13

Big out-of-conference DII matchup. Ryan Solz (2G, 3A) and Garett Hoch (3G, 2A) played well for the Tommies. Both teams were the pre-season favorites to win their respective conferences. 

#3 (DII) College of Idaho: 16

#6 (DII) Utah State: 8

Yotes gain a win over a very good Aggie team and are looking like the best team in MCLA DII. Casey Davies (7G, 2A) and Loy Howard (5G, 2A) were outstanding for COI. Ferrum College grad transfer, Jack Sheehan (2G) stood out for USU. Both teams look to win their conferences. 

#15 Arizona State: 16

UCLA: 10

ASU is tied for third in the SLC after this win, UCLA is eliminated from SLC playoff contention. Freshman Kyle Decker scores a career high seven goals with help from Braden Rome (4G, 3A) and Derek Walaitis (3G, 2A). Max Iseler (4G, 3A) played well for UCLA.

Texas Christian: 16

#16 Chapman: 15

Huge win in OT for the Horned Frogs that should give them a lot of confidence going into their final LSA game against LSU that is a must win in order to make the playoffs. Chapman was unfortunately dealing with some injuries, but luckily this game doesn’t affect their SLC playoff standings and they still have four conference games left to play. 

#11 (DII) Florida Gulf Coast: 12

#13 (DII) Florida Atlantic: 11

FGCU clinches first in the SELC DII South and FAU takes second as a result from this big matchup. Very good chance these two meet again the SELC DII Tournament and possibly the MCLA National Tournament. Carter Ayers (2G, 2A) and Christian Cucinotta (1G, 3A) stood out for the Eagles and Kyle Romano (4G, 2A) starred for the Owls. 

#7 Georgia Tech: 15

#22 Georgia: 8

GT not only wins the Clean, Good Old-Fashioned Hate rivalry game, but also clinch first in the SELC North. Devin Raun (5G) and Pierce Quarles (3G, 3A) played well for the Yellow Jackets. UGA finishes third, possibly second, in the SELC North depending on how USC does. 

#12 Southern California: 13

#19 Grand Canyon: 12

USC wins in OT to keep their SLC playoff hopes alive, the two teams are now tied for third. Tyler Parietti and Nick Whittal each had a hattrick for the Lopes. 

#8 Virginia Tech: 21

#3 Clemson: 11

VT upsets Clemson in dominating fashion to clinch first place of the ALC South. Jared Cole (4G, 3A) and Aidan Smith (4G, 1A) led the Hokies offense. Clemson finished second and will play their final MCLA game against in-state rival South Carolina which should be a good one. 

#17 (DII) UNC Charlotte: 16

Elon: 12

UNCC wins a close win against a solid Elon team to move to 2-0 in the ALC DII. Nick Ferens (5G, 4A) and Mark Altman (82%, 10GB, 1G) both played well for the 49ers. Tyler Sylvester (3G, 3A) and Cory Bernstein (1G, 3A) played well for Elon. 

#4 Liberty: 17

James Madison: 6

Liberty clinches the 1 seed in the ALC North behind Thomas Pinel (3G, 3A), Carter Elliot (4G, 2A), and Keaton Mohs (3G, 2A). James Madison clinches the 2 seed in the ALC North and a spot in the tournament. 

#19 (DII) UC Davis: 13

UC Santa Cruz: 3

Aggies improve to 4-0 in the WCLL DII and are looking like the favorite to win the conference. Mason Johnston (10S, 77%), Nicolas Chicoine (88% FO), and Matthew Sutfin (4G, 1A) all played well.