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Conference tournaments Hall of Fame Going Offsides
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Conference Tournaments, Hall of Fame: Going Offsides

This week, Nick and Ryan team up to discuss the newly-announced Professional Lacrosse Hall of Fame and breakdown the men’s DI conference tournaments.


Hall of Fame

With the merger between the MLL and PLL, many new initiatives have taken place to recognize and celebrate the history of professional field lacrosse. On Thursday, the PLL announced that it would be starting the Professional Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

What you need to know:

There are three primary criteria to be eligible for this Hall of Fame:

1- Must be retired from professional lacrosse for at least three years

2- Must have played at least five seasons in either the PLL or MLL (or both)

3- Must receive at least 75% approval from the 20-person voting committee (15 votes)

It’s also interesting to note that it appears the first HOF class will consist of three attack, three midfielders, three defense/LSM, one specialist (SSDM/FOGO), and one goalie. Essentially, the first class will be considered the greatest team of all time (on paper).

Men’s DI Conference Tournaments

After a busy weekend of conference play last week, which determined seeds for this week’s conference tournaments, we had an exceptional lacrosse day full of meaningful games.

Here are the conference title match-ups:

CAA: Hofstra (8-5) vs. Drexel (9-2)


Semi 1: Lehigh (9-1) vs. Colgate (3-6)

Semi 2: Army (7-3) vs. Loyola (8-5)

AMERICA EAST: UAlbany (8-4) vs. Vermont (8-4)

SOCON: Richmond (7-5) vs. High Point (7-5)

BIG TEN: Maryland (11-0) vs. Johns Hopkins (3-8)

MAAC: Manhattan (5-4) vs. Monmouth (7-2)

NEC: Saint Joseph’s (9-3) vs. Bryant (8-3)

Sunday is SELECTION SUNDAY, and we’ll finally see the impact all of these games have on the NCAA Tournament. There are plenty of bubble teams watching patiently to see how these contests pan out. Stay tuned next week when we break down all of the NCAA matchups and more.