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ConnectLAX, LeagueApps Partner To Streamline Club Team Experience

Editor’s note: ConnectLAX, official recruiting partner of LaxAllStars, just teamed up with LeagueApps in a dynamic partnership that will benefit all club teams using their services. The team from ConnectLAX shares the details below. 

The partnership will allow clubs to show their ConnectLAX teams on their LeagueApps website and for their players and parents to streamline the ConnectLAX sign up using their LeagueApps accounts. Specifically, lacrosse clubs can now embed their players’ ConnectLAX profiles on their own website while having them listed in ConnectLAX’s centralized Recruit Finder. LeagueApps team registrations will integrate with ConnectLAX to save coaches, players and parents time.

“Our partner clubs want to promote their players’ ConnectLAX profiles on their website because they’re full of media given the integrated video solution we offer and also to demonstrate the recruiting value their club provides,” says Gage Mersereau of ConnectLAX. “We noticed a lot of our clients were already using LeagueApps and they have a committed, lacrosse focused team there.”

The partnership will leverage the LeagueApps API and ConnectLAX’s HTML iframe. LeagueApps is always looking for ways to simplify the lives of sports organizers and its members. Handling registration on a club’s LeagueApps website is often followed by getting its members on a recruiting service like ConnectLAX, so streamlining that experience for players and parents is a natural fit.

“The list of mutual partners grows everyday and teams across the country love the team pages and robust profiles of ConnectLAX. After demoing their dashboard and seeing how they integrate video into their recruiting service, their growth makes sense. It’s funny, they initially started the dialogue about co-hosting a networking event for college players in NYC, you can tell they’re really into their sport.” said Roy Kohli of LeagueApps.

ConnectLAX’s integrated video solution provides every player with a team-linked recruiting profile, highlight video and video library. Their built-in messaging service, coach dashboard and player tools keep everyone on the same page and saves time. In addition, ConnectLAX offers a free college matching service to help players find schools that fit both on and off the field:

Michael Cooke of Aloha has worked with both companies for years and had this to say, “We have been partnered with ConnectLAX and LeagueApps individually for a long time and each of them have been huge assets to our business in terms of providing a great user experience for our customers. They are both widely recognized as technology leaders in the lacrosse industry and we are excited to see them take this step towards product and service integration. I know our customers will be happy and I look forward to seeing what lies ahead in this partnership.”

LeagueApps is excited about building partnerships with technology providers that also simplify the lives of coaches and sports organizers.

To learn more about ConnectLAX’s club team service, visit or watch this video: