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Connor Versus: Kyle Harrison

Kyle Harrison is in New York City right now doing clinics for a couple of Boys Clubs throughout the City. I grabbed K18 for a little one on one competition in the form of a new episode of Connor Versus, and Kyle didn’t even flinch. He just brought his stellar attitude, sweet lacrosse skills, and truly excellent dance moves to the table and showed out. It’s what a true professional does!

We engaged in a couple of different contests, but I’ll let you guess how they turned out…

If you liked this episode, don’t fret because there is plenty more where that came from. Connor Versus doesn’t happen every week, but when it does, it’s excellent! Enjoy some older episodes of Connor Versus!

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There is plenty more excellent lacrosse video over on the LaxAllStars YouTube Channel so subscribe to our channel and check us out!

Just to sate your Kyle Harrison appetite, here are a couple more top level Kyle Harrison videos from the old internet…

Kyle Harrison Lacrosse Videos

Um, ok. K18 is a stud on the field.

God, I love slow-mo.

Yeah, you knew you were going to get some throwback Hop love…

Just listen to this dude talk, and watch him shoot. Knowledge bombs left and right.

You should also be watching the Colin and Kyle show. It’s pretty fun!

Thanks to Kyle Harrison for engaging in a little one on one with yours truly… but BIG UPS to Kyle for coming to NYC to do clinics. This guy is dedicated to our game, knows his stuff, and does it right. K18 doing it big out there!