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Crystal Ball Challenge, Week 10

It’s turned into a two horse race for the CBC title but the sprint to the “Toilet Bowl” might be even more captivating.

Brunelle and Craven don’t seem to understand that when you reach the bottom you don’t keep digging.  Next season on the CBC we’re teaching a dog to pick games and I bet it does better than these two.

Why we picked ’em

Peter Tumbas:

See PT’s comments over on 412lax and wish him luck while he tries to avoid “Deliverance Part Deux” as the Panthers drive to WV.

Connor Wilson:

Navy  vs  #17 Johns Hopkins – Hop will win this one.  Because they flat out need to if they want to make the NCAAs.  Freshman middies are coming around and producing.

#18 Fairfield  vs  #20 Denver – Denver pulls out the win here. Against teams like Fairfield, Denver looks good, against teams like Cuse, they often look bad.  Tierney has the team headed in the right direction though.

#16 Umass  vs  #10 Georgetown – I am not a believer in Gtown but I think they’ll take this one over UMASS.  Diogo Godoi is legit but he can’t cover everyone on the Hoyas.

#1 Salisbury  vs  #3 Stevenson – Salisbury by a couple in a huge game.  Both will make the NCAAs but the Gulls are flying high right now.

Stanford vs. Cal – Cal should take this one by 2 or more.

Chapman vs. Santa Barbara – Chappy by a bunch.

Lindenwood vs. Illinois – I think this one will be tight but I expect Lindenwood to pull out the big W.

Michigan State Michigan – Michigan is mortal but they’ll still beat State.

Colorado State BYU – CSU by 4. BYU can run with anyone but they will need the whole team to really step up to beat the Rams.

Pittt vs. West Virginia (Tumbas: “I feel like Pete Rose”) – you look like Pete Rose.  Pitt has been on a bit of a skid recently but I like them by 3 over WVU.

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Bruno pranks Pete Rose: Deleted scene from the DVD & Blu-ray release.”]

Ryan Craven:

Hopkins + 4 over Navy: Navy was having major issues with a gritty Army defense and Hopkins has the talent to do similar work

Denver + 2 over Fairfield: Tierney to the rescue.

Georgetown + 3 over Umass: counting on Gtown to get up for this one.

Salisbury +1 over Stevenson: #1 with a bullet yo.

Cal + 5 over Stanford: The Big Game and the final regular season game for both squads.  No band on the field needed because Stanford has been struggling all season.

Chapman +2 over the flying tortillas : Wouldn’t be surprised if SB took an early lead in this one but Chappie will find a way to pull out  the W.

Illinois +3 over Lwood. The wood was probably my least favorite MCLA team back in the olden days when we faced them in the tourney. That plus Ebertfest is going on in Champaign this week so that’s good mojo for the Illini.

Mighigan +6: Some might think this will be a close game. I say Michigan goes out looking to make a statement.

Colorado State +4 over BYU: The Cougar machine of years past might be lurking in this 10-2 2010 version but Colorado State has some firepower on offense.

West Virginia +1: I’m in last place and this is a last ditch effort to grab a game from Tumbas and the rest of the group.  Count it as retribution for the Duck games I picked wrong.  Plus now I’m covered if Pitt wins and I can claim the “reverse jinx”. Tumbas point total for the game is 4.

Jeff Brunelle:

Hopkins +2: HOP has gotta get this one. Do or die, and you can’t HOP when you’re dead.

Denver +1: Gotta go with Coach Tierney on this one. On a side note, Tebow to the Broncos… REALLY?!

Georgetown +4: Hoyas D steps it up and moves their feet a bit more than usual. Umass puts up a fight in the 3rd.

Salisbury +2: Close at the beginning, but Cannone and Bradman lead the 2nd half charge.

Cal +1: This is the first time I’ve ever picked a Cal team to win a game. I hope it doesn’t bite me in the ass.

Chapman +5: Babe City in full effect.

Lindenwood +1: The Lions always pick it up this time of the season and after a slow start I’m counting on them playing with a chip.

Colorado State +1: CSU keeps winning, but Alex Smith still hasn’t written a journal entry yet. What’s up with that?

Pitt +1: In honor of Peter F Tumbas.

Disagree with our picks? Let our panel know what you think. Jeff and Ryan might be 10+ games back and asleep at the wheel but that doesn’t mean you have to be.

…while you were sleeping
you tossed, you turned
you rolled your eyes as the world burned

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