out of conference rodeo the rundown
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Out of Conference Rodeo – The Rundown: Week 2

The Rundown – Week 2



  • Bellarmine 7, Michigan 9
  • Mercer 10, Cleveland St. 9
  • Binghamton 7, Colgate 21
  • High Point 5, Georgetown 15
  • Marist 7, Maryland 13
  • Sacred Heart 9, UMass 13
  • NJIT 5, Army 14


  • Denver 12, Duke 15
  • Wagner 7, Lafayette 8
  • Monmouth 8, Princeton 9



  • Cleveland State 9, Bellarmine 13
  • Bryant 8, Providence 13
  • Bucknell 8, Richmond 9
  • Canisius 12, Dartmouth 13
  • Cornell 11, Colgate 14
  • Furman 13, Sacred Heart 17
  • Hofstra 7, Ohio State 9
  • Hopkins 5, Loyola 12
  • Air Force 8, Marist 7
  • Jacksonville 10, Marquette 11
  • Maryland 16, High Point 14
  • Michigan 9, Penn 12
  • NJIT 6, Delaware 11
  • Lehigh 11, UNC 12
  • Stony Brook 8, Penn State 15
  • Brown 11, Quinnipiac 12
  • Georgetown 12, Robert Morris 11
  • Rutgers 7, Army 9
  • Fairfield 11, Saint Joseph’s 6
  • Siena 12, Hobart 11
  • Hartford 12, St. John’s 14
  • Albany 15, Cuse 3
  • Mt. St. Mary’s 13, Towson 15
  • UMBC 5, Navy 7
  • Umass Lowell 9, Harvard 10
  • VMI 7, Manhattan 12
  • Vermont 15, Holy Cross 3
  • UVA 13, Drexel 8
  • Yale 9, Villanova 10


  • Detroit 8, Mercer 7

The Stat Freaks

Freak of the Week

The shock for me was just how disproportionate the list of defenders is here. And there are certainly some gems in there like SSDM Zach Goodrich and St. John’s Luke Roediger. Denver’s Ethan Walker scoring six goals on just seven shots against Duke is also unreal.

But this week, I’m turning to the FOGOs. Army’s John Ragno only lost one faceoff. TD Ierlan of Albany was a big reason why his goalie could have let in every shot Syracuse had on cage and they still would have won. But Penn State’s Gerard Arceri was just silly. 20 wins. 16 ground balls. 2 goals. 1 assist. That is so ridiculously dominant and is a stat line you almost only saw from Zach Currier last year at Princeton.

Offense: The Cutoff here is a combined 7 goals and/or assists

Griffin Feiner – Hartford: 5G, 2A, 13 Shots vs. St. John’s (NY)
Connor Kelly – Maryland: 4G, 4A, 12 Shots vs. Marist
Buddy Carr – Massachusetts: 3G, 4A, 6 Shots vs. Sacred Heart
Jared Bernhardt – Maryland: 5G, 2A, 10 Shots vs. Marist
Ben Reeves – Yale: 4G, 3A, 11 Shots vs. Villanova
Joe Madsen – St. John’s (NY): 5G, 2A, 9 Shots vs. Hartford
Ethan Walker – Denver: 6G, 2A, 7 Shots vs. Duke
Griffin Brown – Colgate: 6G, 1A, 10 Shots vs. Cornell
Jeff Teat – Cornell: 4G, 3A, 7 Shots vs. Colgate

Defense:  For here, you need 8 GBs, CTs, and/or points

Michael Harris – Cleveland St.: 6GB, 2CT vs. Mercer
Will McCarthy – Lafayette: 6GB, 4CT, 1G vs. Wagner
Chris Hervada – Monmouth: 6GB, 3CT vs. Princeton
Matt Erfle – Dartmouth: 6GB, 2CT vs. Canisius
Will Blumenberg – Colgate: 7GB, 1CT vs. Cornell
Nick Albanese – Sacred Heart: 8GB, 2CT, 1G vs. Furman
Foster Huggins – Loyola Maryland: 3GB, 7CT vs. Johns Hopkins
Mike Adler – Maryland: 3GB, 6CT vs. High Point
Jack Ullrich – Penn: 5GB, 3CT vs. Michigan
Jon LaMonica – Army West Point: 9GB, 1CT vs. Rutgers
Christopher Keating – Yale: 9GB, 3CT vs. Villanova
Matt Farrell – Holy Cross: 8GB, 4CT vs. Vermont
Zach Goodrich – Towson: 5GB, 3CT, 1G vs. Mt. St. Mary’s
Luke Roediger – St. John’s (NY): 6GB, 4CT, 1G, 1A vs. Hartford
Matt Hughes – Mercer: 5GB, 5CT, 1G vs. Detroit Mercy
Michael O’Brien – Mercer: 7GB, 1CT vs. Detroit Mercy
Alex Akins – Detroit Mercy: 7GB, 3CT vs. Mercer

Faceoffs: Greater than 70%, at least 10 attempts

Austin Henningsen – Maryland: 16/22, 4 GB vs. Marist
John Ragno – Army West Point: 12/13, 8 GB vs. NJIT
Trevor Baptiste – Denver: 23/30, 16 GB vs. Duke
Collin Orr – Colgate: 22/29, 3 GB vs. Cornell
Kenny Massa – Bryant: 18/23, 15 GB, 1G vs. Providence
Will Vitelli – Quinnipiac: 19/27, 7 GB vs. Brown
TD Ierlan – Albany (NY): 16/21, 9 GB, 1G vs. Syracuse
Gerard Arceri – Penn St.: 20/27, 16 GB, 2G, 1A vs. Stony Brook
Steven Cuccurullo – Harvard: 13/17, 7 GB vs. UMass Lowell
Joe Lenskold – Delaware: 9/12, 6 GB vs. NJIT
Will Fox – Fairfield: 17/21, 14 GB, 1G vs. Saint Joseph’s
Joe Varello – Navy: 12/15, 4 GB, 1G vs. UMBC
Dylan Protesto – Hartford: 21/29, 11 GB vs. St. John’s (NY)

Goalies:  Greater than 70%

Cyrus Scott – Colgate: 7/9 Saves vs. Binghamton
Nick Marrocco – Georgetown: 12/15 Saves vs. High Point
JD Colarusso – Albany (NY): 10/13 Saves vs. Syracuse
Jacob Stover – Loyola Maryland: 12/17 Saves vs. Johns Hopkins

Random Notes

Colgate: The biggest shock here was Colgate matching the goal output against Binghamton as Syracuse. Following that up with a three point win over Cornell and it’s looking like they have really turned a page. They are coming off of two straight losing seasons, and their last 3-0 start was in 2015 when they also made it into the postseason. How they navigate the Patriot League will ultimately decide where they really sit.

Denver vs. Duke: This happy hour lacrosse game did not disappoint. ESPN has been selecting some great matchups for their Friday evening slate, and this lived up to the billing. Denver looking unstoppable early. Until Duke stopped them. But the Blue Devils were on the ropes and used a dominating fourth quarter to come away with the win.

Providence beating instate rival Bryant was a must win for a Friars team that is stumbling a little bit out of the gates. That stumbling was there for most of the game as they  could not seem to separate themselves until late, but finally pulled away. Things are not too rosy in Friartown right now, but the potential is still there.

Richmond’s one goal win over Bucknell wasn’t exactly a banner victory, but it was much needed as they look to stay at the top of the SoCon. Air Force is going to push them and Jacksonville is looking to be in the mix as well. Topping a Patriot League team like Bucknell is still a good sign for the Spiders.

With only these early results to go off of, it looks like Hofstra’s two point loss to Ohio State has a big silver lining. The Buckeyes are looking as strong as ever, and Hofstra has only had this one game. Keeping it that close is somewhat encouraging that they should be battling for the CAA title as expected.


One of the biggest shocks of the weekend was Loyola blowing out Hopkins. It’s always a great game in the Baltimore rivalry, but it’s usually not this lopsided. Last year was overtime. Before that, one goal. If you keep going back (before hitting the Laxpower limit of 2005), there was never a seven goal game between these two, but there were several overtimes. It says both great things about Loyola, but worrying things for Hopkins. They were just as vulnerable last year and it hurt them in the end. The potential is there but in their conference, inconsistency is not good.

Marquette’s opening win over Jacksonville was definitely closer than I was expecting. It was just Marquette’s first game so I’m not going to stress out too much or jump to conclusions. But I do like what it says about Jacksonville. Setting aside their loss to Duke, they have a good win over Navy and this close loss. They’re on the right track.

Quinnipiac is coming off of a two win season, which is closer to the norm of their history. What’s not normal? Beating a team like Brown. It definitely makes me raise an eyebrow towards Quinnipiac and makes them someone to watch. It also makes me very interested to see where Brown heads this season. They’re in year two of the Tufts experiment to see if Mike Daly can bring his brand of lacrosse that was taking over D3 and make it work in the D1 level. Without Dylan Molloy to run things on the field, it’s not off to a great start.

Albany routing Cuse and holding them to just three goals was a shock. This is just a game that doesn’t happen. The only other time Albany has topped Syracuse was in 2013 when it took double overtime and Syracuse went to the NCAA Championship game. A beating like this will stand out. The two takeaways for me are 1) Tehoka Naticoke is worth every ounce of hype. What he was able to do showed that there is no adjustment period for him going into the NCAA. 2) Albany’s defense might be the best they’ve had. Syracuse did A LOT to not help their case, but Albany refused to give Cuse’s middies any shooting lanes, and everything inside had pressure. Getting looks was hard. Making shots actually go in was even harder.

One of the biggest upsets outside of Quinnipiac over Brown was also in the Ivy where Villanova beat Yale. Yale was widely considered among the best teams in the country. While Villanova’s good, they were not supposed to be at the same level. Yale will definitely bounce back, but it was a statement win for the Wildcats to top the Bulldogs. Cat people 1, Dog people 0. But it was a win-win for animal lovers.

Out of Conference Winning Percentage

This is just an interesting thing to watch as conferences battle for supremacy

Conference Record %
ACC 11-1 0.917
Big Ten 13-4 0.765
Big East 9-3 0.750
Patriot 15-9 0.625
Ivy League 4-3 0.571
America East 7-7 0.500
CAA 5-5 0.500
NEC 5-11 0.313
MAAC 4-10 0.286
SoCon 5-17 0.227
Independent 0-8 0.000