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defensive double team
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How To: Defensive Double Team on #FilmBreakdown

When you’re trying to beat a conference rival and the No. 1 team in NCAA Men’s Division I Lacrosse you have to take some risks. This is a great example of a high-risk, high-reward defensive double team.

1. #13 from Penn State gets the ball on the wing, while the Rutgers defender takes a nice approach to stop him.

2. The Rutgers defender has position top side and gets the PSU player to roll back.

3. Meanwhile, the low crease defender sees an opportunity to double. With the PSU player already in tough spot the back side double ensures the turnover, leading to a much needed possession for Rutgers.

Why is this defensive double team risky? If the PSU attackman saw his player was looking to double he could have back cut behind him for a quick pass and crease finish.