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John "JP" Paul joins the Going Offsides podcast this week to talk about DI expansion in college lacrosse and how it all works.

DI Expansion? Learn How It Works on Going Offsides

DI expansion is one of, it not the most, talked about topics in all of lacrosse. John “JP” Paul joined the guys on this week’s pod to explain how it works.

What’s the hold up on DI expansion?

No matter how bad we want teams to go DI, the sad truth is that for most schools, it doesn’t make fiscal sense. In fact, if you have a football team on campus, adding a men’s program becomes increasingly difficult. Having an exceptional club team like Michigan and Utah did wasn’t the deciding factor; it was money. In Utah’s case it took an actual multi-millionaire to help push the program through. Of course, he didn’t do it alone, but let’s not pretend this happens with out his help.

John "JP" Paul joins the Going Offsides podcast this week to talk about DI expansion in college lacrosse and how it all works.
Utah was the latest Power 5 program to go DI

What’s More Likely?

I asked JP straight up, “What’s more likely to happen first, the addition of one power-five men’s team, or the addition of five mid-majors”. He swiftly answered five mid-majors.

More DI Expansion

JP has an extremely informational thread about DI expansion pinned to his twitter feed. Be sure to listen to the episode to hear more about this interesting subject.

Last Week

Christina Esposito is determined to leave the game of lacrosse better than she found it.

There are so many different ways to improve the game: better educating our coaches, opening up our athletes to positive mental health practices, improving the youth game, and growing the women’s game through exposure.

Christina Esposito is trying to do all of these things. A former college athlete at Northwestern, she knows better than most the physical pain and the mental resolve that todays college athletes need to not only survive but thrive. Mental and physical health are at the forefront of the message she’s trying to deliver.

Listen as Christina joins the Going Offsides podcast as a guest host every month.

Stay tuned for next weeks episode!

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