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Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse Conference Tournament Predictions: Part 2

As we continue our look at the Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse conference tournaments in Part 2 of our series, we zero in on some of the less-reported but equally exciting competitions. This section looks at leagues, including the ASUN and the MAAC, where the dynamic between the teams keeps games close, and upsets seem likely. These might not be the headliner matches seen at the ACC or Ivy League, but the teams feature rosters that are going to have a lot to say on things and could make a significant impact both in and out of the league standings. Come along with me as we break down the underdog tales and championship dreams that will make Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse the theatre of skill and excitement.

Part 2 will focus on the America East, Atlantic 10, ASUN, CAA, and the MAAC.

America East

  1. Albany (6-1)
  2. Vermont (5-2)
  3. UMBC (4-3)
  4. Merrimack (4-3)

While the America East might get lost within the discussion of all the excitement of Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse, it still offers a lot in close, entertaining games. The Great Danes are the favorite, but Vermont and UMBC had close games against the No.1 seed earlier this season. Merrimack winning back-to-back games seems improbable, but their ability to challenge the top teams of UMBC earlier this year leads me to believe they have the ability to pull off an upset. Despite all this, I really like Vermont, and I am confident in their ability to win down the stretch more than I am of Albany.


Atlantic 10

  1. Saint Joseph’s (5-0)
  2. Richmond (4-1)
  3. High Point (3-2)
  4. UMass (2-3)

Given their inconsistent overall performance, High Point and UMass are not high on the list for seriously contending for the conference title. This leads to a Saint Joseph’s vs. Richmond final being my current championship prediction. There was a lot of high tension in their previous close regular season game, and I expect the same caliber of competition in the championship. Nevertheless, Saint Joseph’s has been on a tear since their last loss in early February, which gives them the edge for me. I would bet Saint Joseph’s take this title with a comfortable margin of more than three goals.

PREDICTION: Saint Joseph’s


  1. Jacksonville (8-1)
  2. Utah (8-1)
  3. Air Force (8-1)
  4. Bellarmine (5-4)
  5. Cleveland State (5-4)
  6. Robert Morris (4-5)

The ASUN has really facilitated a competitive environment in Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse now that it has put together a diverse group of teams from all over the nation. The favorites are the top three seeds, Jacksonville, Utah, and Air Force. Close competition notwithstanding, I believe that Utah will come out on top. I don’t have much faith in Air Force despite their record, and I just don’t feel like Jacksonville has the experience to really handle a big game. I expect that Coach Andrew McMinn will take Utah to the top of the mountain this ASUN Tournament.



  1. Towson (7-0)
  2. Delaware (6-1)
  3. Fairfield (5-2)
  4. Drexel (3-4)

It’s not the most glamorous conference in Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse, but the CAA championship game is going to be one to watch. While Towson is the top seed, Delaware has demonstrated it can adjust on the fly and win, and that’s why they are my pick to take this one. It was a very tight matchup the first time around, and the Tigers came out on top, but I believe Delaware will adapt and win the rematch.



  1. Sacred Heart (9-0)
  2. LIU (8-2)
  3. Manhattan (6-3)
  4. Siena (5-4)

Sacred Heart has developed into the wide conference favorite to win the MAAC, bouncing back after an early-season slump. This team has not lost a game since early March, which has to mean something now. Their dominant victory over LIU in conference play sets them as the clear front-runners to take the championship if a rematch were to arise, which I am fully expecting it does.

PREDICTION: Sacred Heart