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Epoch Dragonfly 7
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Dragonfly 7: Engineered for Players, by Players

Count it down. We have something big coming your way 09.23.16. If you haven’t already, follow us on Instagram for the next 30 days until then and learn more about the new and improved technology in our Dragonfly 7 shaft.

Carbon Fiber: The new age

As an industry leader in carbon fiber technology, we keep this fundamental material in the new Dragonfly 7 shaft. The carbon fiber we use is made up of thousands of individual hairs, woven to create the material to give optimal strength when building the shaft.

Everyone who works at Epoch, from the designers to the engineers have played lacrosse and know the game inside and out. We recognize what the advanced player needs and we place our technology right where they need it most. This gives you an edge unlike any other on the field.

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