Team Canada Gear
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Duel in Denver: USA & Canada Gear

Team USA Gear

You can’t have a game between the two biggest nations in lacrosse without bringing out some sweet gear for both sides. While these aren’t the official teams for the 2014 World Games, this is still a really big deal, as the 4,500+ fans proved. Both teams had guys in matching helmets, but the gloves, arm pads, cleats, and sticks came from every manufacturer under the Sun. We actually loved seeing the diversity of equipment out on the field.

Team USA Gear

Maverik, Gait, Cascade, and and several other big lacrosse companies whipped out some very nice custom gear for both Team USA and Team Canada.

Team Canada Gear

Check out some more pictures of gear we found at the Duel in Denver below!

If you had to pick out ONE piece of gear from the Duel in Denver, what ONE piece would it be? That’s a tough choice, eh?