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Dylan Molloy PLL Week 7 Preview
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Dylan Molloy Could Make PLL Debut in Colorado Springs

The PLL returns to regular season play this weekend at Weidner Field in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and so too might Dylan Molloy to professional lacrosse.

It could be a long-awaited PLL debut for Dylan Molloy, whom fans haven’t seen on the lax field since he played for MLL’s New York Lizards in 2020. That’s one of many storylines heading into Week 7’s action.

Overall, I think this weekend will have some of the best lacrosse we’ve seen all summer. On the other side of a break with players coming back fresh and rested will lead to high-level lacrosse.

Dylan Molloy to Make PLL Debut in Colorado

Atlas (4-2) vs. Chrome (2-4) – Friday, July 30 at 9 p.m. EST (Peacock)

What a way to come out of the All-Star break. For lacrosse fans, it’s a massive reintroduction of Dylan Molloy back to professional lacrosse by way of the PLL. Chrome picked up the former Tewaaraton Award winner this week, and it gives the team a huge shot in the arm offensively. It also absolutely blew up Lacrosse Twitter – the fans have spoken, and they’ve finally got what they want. Add in the signing of veteran Donny Moss, and this is a big boost for Chrome.

The margin for error is slim for Chrome as every team in the league is jockeying for playoff positioning. Atlas was hot heading into the All-Star break, and it’ll hope to keep that going. With a couple of extra weeks to prepare for Jeff Teat, you can expect Chrome to have the defense dialed in and with a plan to stop the Atlas.

Archers (3-3) vs. Redwoods (4-2) – Saturday, July 31 at 7:15 p.m. EST (Peacock)

This has game of the weekend written all over it and will probably be a preview of a potential PLL playoff matchup. Can the Redwoods stop Grant Ament and the Archers offense? We’ll find out.

TD Ierlan is an X-factor for the Redwoods and has the ability to change the momentum of the game. Adam Ghitelman will be huge for the Archers this weekend and can steal some of those possessions back from the Redwoods.

Waterdogs (4-3) vs. Whipsnakes (4-2) – Saturday, July 31 at 10 p.m. (Peacock)

Michael Sowers is back. This will help the Waterdogs tremendously. He adds another element to the ‘Dogs offense that the Whipsnakes will have to prepare for. The Waterdogs were red hot going into the PLL All-Star break, so we’ll see if they can keep the momentum forward.

The middle of the field will be where this game is won, and if the Waterdogs want to hang with the Whips, they’ll need a solid game plan at the faceoff X and in transition. This contest may come down to the last possession, so it could be a toss up.

Chaos (2-4) vs. Chrome (2-4) – Sunday, Aug. 1 at 2 p.m. EST (Peacock)

This is basically a playoff game for both of these teams. The Chrome cannot go 0-2 this weekend and expect to be in a comfortable sport for the PLL postseason. You’d think this gives them more juice going into this weekend.

The Chaos are also in a position where if they were to lose and the Cannons win, they would be in last place and out of the playoffs. Chaos will need Big Game Blaze and the rest of the team to shot up in a big way. Mac O’Keefe has added an element to the offense that now stretches opposing teams’ defenses and opens things up for the other five offensive players.

This will be an old-fashioned slugfest. Both of these teams have tough, hard-nosed players who will never back down from a fight. Expect a PLL playoff-like atmosphere in this one with playing have a greater sense of urgency.

Atlas (4-2) vs. Cannons (2-5) – Sunday, Aug. 1 at 4:45 p.m. EST (Peacock)

Every game from here on out is a playoff game for the Cannons. They seem to be finally hitting a spot where the team is gelling and putting together some good lacrosse. Lyle Thompson is obviously someone to watch, but the success of the Cannons relies on their ability to win the middle of the field and keep faceoffs as close to 50/50 as possible. If they can do that, and Nick Marrocco can be steady in the goal, they will have a shot to win this game.

Stephen Rehfuss is someone who can cause major issues for the Atlas coming out of the box. If the Atlas can defend the invert well, then that will create problems for the Cannons. Look for some high-tempo lacrosse here to close out the PLL weekend!