Matt Russell end caps
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End Caps: It Comes, It Goes

Markbuster Videos!

Markbuster Videos, long live Matt Russell…

The great Matt Russell, goalie for Team STX and formerly at Navy, has decided to call it quits. I watched the broadcast of Matt’s final game on The Lacrosse Network, but honestly, I don’t remember ever hearing about Matt hanging it up.

I had the chance to meet and spend time with Matt in Orem, Utah, in the fall. He is a true class act, so that’s why I dedicated today’s Markbuster to one of the best lacrosse goalies I’ve ever had the opportunity to watch.

Thanks for your service, Matt, on and off the field.

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he times, they are a changin’. The LXM and MLL merged and we are finally getting to see the outcome. I was at the Machine’s training camp last weekend and got to see Kyle Harrison, Peter Baum and Erik Krum all together, but finally on an MLL roster. It was a beautiful sight to see the level of competition elevated by the addition of some of the world’s top players. I am excited to see what sort of changes we will see in the stands this season.

The fans need to recognize that the merger was done for them, sure money was involved, but if the fans aren’t paying…no one is playing. It gives everyone the opportunity to what lacrosse at it’s highest level without having to be diluted by players being forced to pick a side.

I can not wait to see the schedule for the LXM PRO Tour for 2014-15. I know that there will be no overlap with event locations, the tour will not stop in MLL cities. The LXM PRO Tour is what the MLL is going to need to get back to the West, maybe not particularly in California, but areas like Utah, Arizona and the Pacific Northwest are hungry for more high caliber lacrosse.

Check out my post where I have a short little video about the vibes inside the Machine’s training camp this year.

Some of their comments may or may not surprise you.

Long live pro lacrosse.

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See ya next week at the same lax time, same lax website!