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Epoch Hawk Prequel
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Get to know the Epoch Hawk Prequel

We recently announced our patent pending Epoch Hawk Prequel lacrosse head, with a starting price of $100. This is the third head in our Hawk line-up.

The Prequel is made in the USA and utilizes our proprietary composite injected polymer in its construction. It began shipping to retailers on July 15th and, like the Sequel, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

It’s about your style of play, not your position.

Each Epoch Hawk Prequel has its own serial number located inside the throat of the head. This exclusive detail allows players to register their purchase at our website. With the introduction of the Hawk Prequel, Epoch Lacrosse looks to help players choose equipment that is tailored to their game, not their position.

Sharing many of the aesthetic design elements of the Sequel, the Prequel’s clean lines and attention to detail resulted in a lacrosse head engineered for today’s top players. For example, the Prequel’s Zone 3 design creates a mid-pocket sweet spot, perfect for players looking to maximize ball control when dodging.

In the past, conventional lacrosse heads often made players choose between a deep pocket or a quick release. Our engineers, however, do not believe that players should be limited by decision. That’s why we created a lacrosse head that shares performance, beauty, and strength.

It’s important to note, though, that we attribute the Epoch Hawk Prequel’s design success to the fact that our highly skilled product engineers have all played the sport of lacrosse.

“Trying to explain the nuances of lacrosse to someone who has not played is nearly impossible,” said James Miceli, principal and founder of Epoch Lacrosse. “Having on the job experience and knowing what it is like to button a chin strap and play a game is vital for innovation.

“The Prequel is mathematically better than conventional lacrosse heads,” added Miceli. “We have calculated the Prequel to have the deepest possible pocket by NCAA Rules, yet still have the quickest release (shortest travel time) in its class. The feel and performance of the Prequel will have an immediate impact on all players.”

Our design team spent countless hours analyzing and developing a stringent set of standards and measurements to better understand how subtle changes in structure can positively affect performance on the field. “Lacrosse is a game of inches, but we worry about millimeters to ensure and maximize the performance of our products on every play,” Miceli continued.

Epoch Hawk Prequel
The Prequel in action

To help players find their perfect set-up, Epoch has introduced three new points of reference, or measurements, that correlate to specific performance attributes. We have identified that, often, players are looking for a head with a “quick release” enabling them to throw a swift, fast pass or shot. The other performance element desired by the games top players is a head that is “most-offset”, creating ultimate ball control and feel. Epoch successfully uses the center axis of the shaft as a major point of reference when calculating measurements because it is a constant on all brands. More importantly, however, the center axis allows the measurements to be calculated in relationship to a player’s hands.”

With the launch of the Prequel, we’re introducing three new terms to the lacrosse market:

Lie: The distance the scoop “lies” from the center axis of the shaft.

Sweet Spot: The particular position on the bottom rail of a lacrosse head that is the furthest distance from the center axis of the shaft. The Sweet Spot sits at the vertex – the point of the bottom rail that stops curving down from the center axis of the shaft – and begins to curve back up towards the this center point of reference.

Travel: The distance the ball has to move to be released from the head when using the sweet spot as a starting point.

Previously there has been no standard method to quantify these performance attributes and players did not have a method to systematically choose a head. We found that players were often stringing their pockets outside of a head’s sweet spot and, therefore, effectively limiting maximum potential performance of the head.

When matched with any of our collection of Integra or Gen.6 Dragonfly shafts, players can choose the proper set-up that matches their style of play and dial in their performance unlike any other lacrosse equipment provider on the market. With different flex and geometry options combined with either a Prequel or a Sequel head, players are sure to find their perfect set up.

“For too long lacrosse players have been asked to purchase equipment based on their position and not their style of play,” said Miceli. “We believe todays top athletes are looking for equipment that is tailor made for their personal game. With that in mind, we developed the Hawk Sequel and Prequel and a full compliment of carbon fiber shafts that will enable players to create the perfect set-up to enhance their own unique style of play. It is our goal to be transparent and open, detailing the particular measurements so that every player can find the stick perfect for their game.”

Epoch Hawk Prequel
The Epoch Hawk Prequel

Epoch Hawk Prequel Tech Specs

The Hawk: Prequel
FlexiQ: 3
Profile: Curved
Pocket Location: Zone 3 Mid-Pocket
Spec: Universal
Warranty: 1 Year (Limited)
Made in USA
Material: Composite Injected Polymer
MSRP: $100 USD

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