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Equality Matters
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Equality Matters: Why I Support The Courage Game

I believe equality matters, so I’m going to tell you why I’m supporting the Courage Game. Then you can tell me if you’ll do the same.

When I was a youngster, I was bullied and picked on because I was quiet and soft-spoken. Other boys in my class would choose to spend recess razzing me by shadowing me behind my back. They’d also pick a new “nickname” for me and scream it at me across the playground each week. I remember kids calling me “gay.”

I still don’t know why. What I do know now, since learning about it in the 7th grade, is that I wish I would’ve had lacrosse in my life during that time.

The experience lasted about three years, and then I changed schools. What I remember most vividly is how terrible I felt in the moment whenever I was tormented by my peers. While you and I both know I had it easy compared to what goes down on many playgrounds today, that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt.

Knowing what I know about this crazy world, I recognize how much worse I could’ve had it. Still, nobody can deny the courage it took for me to hang in there and persevere.

That same type of courage – that same vital bit of mental activity that queues your inner desire to survive – is what’s required from millions of kids around the world who are told they are unequal daily.

On a personal level, that’s why I am beyond proud to be supporting the Courage Game, and I can’t wait until May 28th. We’ll be playing SPEED Lacrosse, which doesn’t require pads and lets participants play both sides of the ball.

Now that you know what why I am supporting the Courage Game, I’d like to encourage YOU to do that same. Don’t just take it from me, either. Take it from my good friend Casey Powell:

Join us in the fight for equality!

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